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  • 1999 Corvette

    I thought I would share what I have done with my 1999 Corvette. To keep the finish looking OEM, my installer had the great idea of wrapping vinyl on the dash. I thought it came out pretty good although if I were to do it again, I would like to see a little more style around the screen and media ports like a groove or something.

    Overall, I think it came out pretty well.

    More information around the project is at and more pics at

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    ...what are you showing off?

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      That actually does look great. Cheap GM interior for the loss though.
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        Originally posted by Dennis5587 View Post
        ...what are you showing off?
        For us C5 CarPC folks, it has been tough for us to find a way to get a double din into the car and still make it look OEM. I thought the vinyl wrap was novel and may help others. To get an idea of what it looked like before, an unmodified C5 dash looks something like this.

        So alot of us have to move the AC down to the bottom and then try to get the texture right.


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          Looks like a good amount of custom work done, congrats on a clean install.


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            What's in the little box under the screen?


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              Originally posted by Radioflyer97 View Post
              What's in the little box under the screen?
              If you're looking at the same thing I'm looking at, it's a multi-function memory card reader.
              Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
              How about the Wiki?

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                looking nice. anyone know of any C4's? the later model preferbly. like the 93+. i had a black on black 95 C4. i had many plans for it on the carputer side. but it is now a wrecked mess that blew up everytime i see a C4, i kick my self in the *** for letting whatever happened happen. i WILL own another. and a c5. and much later a c6 and the newer ones that come along. i want to own all generations.


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                  Originally posted by DarquePervert View Post
                  If you're looking at the same thing I'm looking at, it's a multi-function memory card reader.
                  Exactly. More information at Since this photo, I have removed the silk screen printing for a cleaner look.