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2005 GTO Nano 1.5GHZ, double din pullout...

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  • 2005 GTO Nano 1.5GHZ, double din pullout...

    so here it is...

    NX 15000EG Nano
    1GB Ram
    120GB SATA Drive
    7" Lilliput
    Mechatronics kit (modified)
    Turtle Beach (I'd like to thank via for the total lack of documentation on how to build audio cables for their pin headers, and the complete and total lack of customer support)
    M2ATX power supply

    The docking connector on back connects power, radio antenna (which doesn't work yet for some reason), ignition, amp remote, and 3 usb connections. There are 3 usb ports inside for touchscreen, BT and silabs radio. (I can post digikey parts to make a docking connector if people want, this is the same docking hardware used in the empeg).

    Things I'm still trying to figure out.
    1. Why I can't hibernate.. it just freezes at the hibernation screen, it's done this through 2 seperate builds (I suspect either ram incompatibility or bad via drivers, I had to use old video drivers to get the lilliput to work). Suspend works fine and is super fast...

    2. When I try to use my BU-303 GPS along with my usb serial connector for XM, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, when the GPS dies I have to jerk around with it for 20 or 30 minutes removing via hubs and whatnot through device manager... xm works fine (so far)... for the time being I've pulled the GPS and am using the iBlue BT GPS... it works as well if not better anyway.

    I'd like to state that I've had an M10000 and an M12000, this little guy is sooo much faster, I was pretty much amazed by the speed. Unfortunately via provides little to no support for this board, and unless your willing to spend entirely too much time and money trying to create cables, your SOL... I was able to make a video cable and usb cables (board comes with a 4 port usb cable and video, but I need a shorter vid sollution and all six usb), I gave up trying to make audio work, I could get line-in working OR line-out... but never both together... via support was completely unresponsive.

    I had to chop the mechatronics cage to get it to fit in the OEM cage (GTO dash is very shallow), but I still had plenty of room for the nano.
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    Very Nice!

    Talk about Plug & Play!!!
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      Nice work!

      What is the problem with the radio? If it's bad reception, check the power supply and shielding (antenna connection and radio itself), as interference is often an problem.

      List of front-ends/usefull apps
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        oh yeah... here's the home adaptor I just made for it. Radio shack project boxes are awesome!
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          As for the radio reception, I think I just used the wrong wire type... I was in a hurry and just used small guage stranded wire... I probably need to go back in and redo the connectors with a coax type..


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            where'd you get the green switch that's ontop of the case?
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              If you buy one, make sure you either get the prewired or buy a resistor to make it work...


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                Show me a pic of your car..
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                  Here it is
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                    Nice one.. Gotta love the Holde.. I mean Chev..
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                      i'll be watching this thread carefully.. i think an 06 GTO will be my next car.
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                        Make sure you get a GMVIS report from, I did a carfax on mine which showed nothing.... after I bought it I got the GMVIS report and found that the previous owner had GM replace his engine 3 times... I'm pretty sure he was just driving like a jackass with nitrous or something, but I'm out of warranty now which sucks... They only come with a 30k mile warranty.

                        Also when test driving, be sensitive to wheel vibration and such, these cars are notorius for strut problems here in the US... GM is aware of the problem but has yet to issue a recall or address the issue.

                        All that said, I might trade this car in... and when I do... I'm getting another GTO, this time a manual, I'll just make sure I choose wisely.


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                          i want to buy this board. is there any solution to the audio connectors?

                          (coming to nashville in a few mos. )
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                            Your results may vary... I never got it working so I used a turtle beach SRM, which give absolutely no problems


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                              hi lopan,
                              Im see that you can use suspend on this board which do you use S1 or S3 and if S3 does FAN turn of? And how big consumption do you have on S3? Did you try install Vista on it?
                              Thanks for your answer.

                              Bye, _Dejan_