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(another) 2004 Nissan Maxima install

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  • (another) 2004 Nissan Maxima install

    Here's my finished results. Worklog here (

    Anyway, some pictures of the outside of the car, all stock.

    Shot of the stock inside:

    Post install shots.

    And here's a shot after upgrading the LCD with 3M ESR and prism films.

    I didn't want to lose the *****bucket at the bottom of the console and I didn't really think moving the stock screen to the bucket area looked 'stock', so this was the only other option and I think it turned out good (besides...who the hell has tapes anymore anyway???!!!) The screen is in a good location for easy reach access, downside being that you have to look slightly down to view a gps map if needed. The other downside is that on a bright sunny day, the glare from the touchscreen is horrendous in the morning hours. Daytime visibility is good now with the 3M films installed, but I'll be ordering some ARMR-200 for the glare issue.

    The knob to the left of the screen is to control the volume of a pair of amplified Altec Lansing speakers which are back behind the console (tight fit even without the bulky housings they were in!). This is so that I can still get directions over the GPS while listening to the factory radio/CD.

    CarPC specs:
    7" Lilliput touchscreen with 3M ESR, BEFII, and DBEF-E films
    20w Altec Lansing secondary speakers
    Mitx-845GVD P4 motherboard
    P4 3.06Ghz clocked at 2.3Ghz to reduce heat
    1Gb DDR333
    100gb 5400RPM 2.5" drive
    MSI DualNet Wifi/Bluetooth PCI card (this is the antenna you see next to the outside of the pc)
    P.O.S. Delorme Earthmate LT-20 GPS reciever (replacement plans are in place )
    Opus 150w DC-DC psu (all the above is powered from the Opus as well)
    Remote power switch located next to the outside rear-view mirror controls.

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    sick job good thinking and not loosing the pocket on the bottom
    2001 Nissan Maxima SE


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      Thanks. I think besides replacing the crappy GPS reciever I'm pretty well finished with it. I may add some USB ports up front but haven't decided just yet.

      The only other thing I think I'd like to do to this car is maybe an HID headlight conversion and something with the internal lighting. I really like the blue led mods I've seen and may slowly move to that.