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07 Jeep Wrangler Mac Mini Carputer

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  • 07 Jeep Wrangler Mac Mini Carputer


    Carnex 1900
    2 10'' MTX 4500 Subs
    Clarion 300W 2Channel AMP
    Xenarc 7" Touch Screen

    Vista (I know its sad I hate it too)

    So i am pretty much done with everything. I am really happy. There is a few software bugs but ill get around them. It took me about 8 months total to get this far. As you can see I strapped the mini on the side of the sub and the 1900 converter on the otherside. If anyone else has this vehicle model do not try putting the computer in the glove box. I spent 4 months building, hacking, sanding ect... trying to get the computer to work in there. There is enough room for it but the problem is that the glove box when it is shut lays on a metal bar. The stupid bar pushes your mini up when you close it and cuts up cables. So 70$ later I bought a new glove box and moved everything to the back.

    The only things that I want to do next is maybe buy or build some type on cargo container thingy that closes off the computer, amp ands subs from the rest of the car so it is not accessible when the top is off. Also i plan on putting in a gps reciever. I am also working on getting my iphone to work with CF. I just want to be able to take calls and hear them through my system like I should be able to with a freaking bluetooth phone. Anyways let me know what you think and sorry for the crappy pictures.
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    Looks nice and clean! Does the LCD fold down on the dash to kinda hide it a litte? Do you find that obstructs your vision at all?
    Project Page - 1993 Wrangler Jeeputer
    Progress Meter {**-------} 15% most of the parts are in or have been ordered... Assembly has begun!!!!


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      No the screen doesn't fold down. I tried making a custom case for it but that failed 2 days ago big time. It doesn't ruin my view of the road.


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        Great job! I am doing a similar thing with my 93 yj... the dash is totally different though...
        Project Page - 1993 Wrangler Jeeputer
        Progress Meter {**-------} 15% most of the parts are in or have been ordered... Assembly has begun!!!!


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          Yeah it is way different. I have had a few jeep wranglers in my lifetime. I love them just as much as my carputer!


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            did you have any issues getting the audio to work on the mac under vista? I installed vista natively and i am having no luck at all. It appears to have a sound device (sigmatel hd audio), and the red light is pouring out of the minijack, but no sound from headphones or speakers.
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              Why'd you ditch OS X? Because there's not enough front ends available, or some other reason? And you could've at least done yourself a favor and got a copy of XP