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Carputer in a DeLorean DMC-12

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  • Carputer in a DeLorean DMC-12

    Well, ive been a avid watcher of this forum for months now, and ive finally had the nerve to hack up my DeLorean. Not very concours I know, but it needed to be done.

    Parts off the top of my head...
    Lilliput 7" Touchscreen
    ITX mainboard (Jetway) running 1.7Ghz Celeron with 1Gb Corsair LED sticks
    80Gb Maxtor
    Peak Bluetooth dongle
    Netgear USB Wi-Fi dongle

    Running Windows XP and Road Runner

    First of all.....the car.

    I first tried a mini DVD player....But it wasnt exactly what I wanted.

    The screen, with my customised logo.

    Setting up the software.

    Radio out...

    Vents out...

    A quick measure up...

    Aircon and ventilation control panel removed...

    Gear shift panel removed...

    Center leather console removed...

    Screen taken to bits. Buttons hacked off and new bezel in fabrication.

    The car PC motherboard and extras.

    Here is the mini circuitboard that used to be the control button for the screen. They had to be removed, because there wasnt enough room for them to fit in the tight area I had to work with.
    In this picture, there are three black wires leading from what used to be the IR reciever (For the remote). I didnt want to loose my screen controls, so logically, it was a good idea to extend the IR reciever and place it somewhere else.

    The extended IR Reciever.

    Backplate on and ready to be test fitted.

    First test fit, and a quick wire up to check everything is ok.


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    This isnt where the PC will sit. Im contemplating 2 options.
    (1) Take out the bass speaker and mount it in the space behind the drivers seat. Then build the bass speaker into the back board.
    (2) Build a fibreglass (Carpeted) enclosure that will house all the gubbins on the back shelf, and still leave some storage space. (I have a few nifty plans scratched up)

    It works !

    Getting the leather centre console back into position.

    Fire it up !

    After a few test runs, driving round, trying satnav, playing music etc etc, I noticed a very unwanted effect. Terrible engine whine through the speakers. I tried plugging my headphones directly into the PC, and there was no whine. It seemed like the problem was between the pc and the amp. Looks like a ground loop. So I went out and bought a Ground loop isolator from Maplins (Britsh version of Radioshack) for 8.99

    Cured it in one !

    Screen saver....Sorry.... It just had to be done.

    Last photo.....The finished running product.

    People may have noticed, I still hadnt fitted my ashtray back in. This is because im attempting to fabricate a hidden power swith for the pc, and a couple of USB ports in there.

    Well, that about it. Just a few odds and end to tidy up. But for the most part, its up and running.

    ***UPDATE*** Ive been ill for a year after an idustrial accident so ive not been able to continue this project until now. Im in the process of building the pc into a small storage area in the DeLorean. Pictures will be available soon (On going)



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      one word... AMAZING!!! i love it...


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        I love it, but I gotta ask, what about the air vents? You just omitted them? Gotta have A/C Otherwise I'm a huge fan of Back to the Future, and you did this car proud...just gotta install the flux capacitor... (I know, corny, but it had to be said LOL)
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          There are two other air vents. One at either side of the doors, which give plent of air.
          The flux capaictor on the other hand.....I have one. Yes it is sad. I bought a movie acurate replica from the guy that made the actual props for Back to the Future. It cost me 250, about $500. I plan to semi-permanantly fix it in the back, encasing it in a custom made fibreglass mould, with the car PC tucked behind it. Well, thats one of my plans anyway.

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            Oh THANK GOD...

            When I first saw this, I thought it would be awsome, but had a horrible fear that you may just make a big messy job like some people do...

            HOWEVER, I must say that my fears were thankfully shut down, nice job, very clean. :thumbs:

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              I maybe a newbie to this forum and I'll be the first to admit a real lack of expertise when it comes to hacking together all this tech stuff, but I've been around tricked out vehicles most of my life and you did some mighty fine work there.
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                I just love this picture

                You should put a 8" lcd on the back with a video of the flux capacitor runing continuosly


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                  Even tho the touchscreen lcd is very modern, when the car is off, it looks appropriate. Very nice install. What did you do for keyboard?


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                    Thanks for the kind words guys. To be honest, this is the first ever attempt at doing anything like this, which is why I did alot of reading from these forums first.
                    Its not the kind of car you just want to hack up anyway, but im glad I eventually had the balls to!

                    Re: Keyboard - Its a standard PS2 keyboard for the moment, but ive just found this one, whick ill be buying next week. Bit pricey for a mini keyboard though (30-$60).

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                      Originally posted by ASmods View Post
                      I just love this picture

                      You should put a 8" lcd on the back with a video of the flux capacitor runing continuosly
                      I have the real thing. I'll try and get it up and running in the next few days...+ pics.

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                        Originally posted by DMC12 View Post
                        I have the real thing. I'll try and get it up and running in the next few days...+ pics.
                        wow... make sure you take pics.... i want to know what the future is


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                          I am speechless!!! Congrats.

                          Maybe someone would like to develop a skin specifically for the DeLorean. RR and DigitalFX is fine (I use it too), but the DeLorean has so much history that can be encapsulated in a skin with all kinds of visuals.


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                            I pretty much like the skin I have. It has a stainless steel look, which goes well with the stainless steel body panels. Im sure there's a good idea in there for a Back To The Future skin.

                            Its true the DeLorean has alot of history, not just the film. Im sure theres tons of neat things I could put in there.

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                              Awesome car and beautiful install!
                              List of front-ends/usefull apps
                              XTroniC | XTroniC Direct