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2007 Mazda 3 Dash Screen looks OEM

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  • 2007 Mazda 3 Dash Screen looks OEM

    Shame on me, I haven't been active in quite some time. Over the summer I moved from Michigan to Florida, sold my Protege 5 and just bought a 2007 Mazda 3 hatch back. Things have been busy and I've been doing a ton of research on the screen topic.

    I did all kinds of searching for a factory navigation screen to see if I could get a picture of the output cables and/or pin-out diagrams to see if the factory screen could be convereted in to a PC-compatible screen. After tons of searching I found a product that was nearly identical and costs half the price. There were a few catches to an out-of-box setup.

    First, the screen is a DV Media M3 Pop-up screen for Mazda 3. It fits 2004 - 2007 (2008 models haven't hit the showroom yet so no word on the 2008). Here is a link to a site that sells them:

    On my last carPC project I went through many screens to try to find the right fit. I wasted alot of money and time and ended up with a screen for Digital WW that worked...... when it wanted to. My wife hated it because it never worked properly. After much effort I was able to convince her to let me spend the money on it providing that I had the screen installed by a car-audio place.

    I purchased my screen from a local importer here in Tampa (who also happens to sell them on eBay, click here to check out their eBay items). This screen is the definition of plug-and-play in terms of ease of installation. Taking just two screws off the factory dasy and swapping vents this screen was nearly ready to go. What about the wiring? That was even easier. It comes with a harness that takes your factory radio plug and creates a pass through cable so the factory plug powers both the radio and the screen. Once I saw how easy it was to install I skipped the car-audio shop.

    I installed the unit, test to make sure the RCA input works. Excellent! Now, here are my two cons to this screen.

    1.) This screen has no VGA inputs. It takes only RCA input. This isn't a huge deal because most VIA boards have RCA-Out. If not, a VGA to RCA adapter is about $10.00 on eBay and provides the same results.

    2.) This unit is not a touch screen. This is a huge issue for most people. Thats when I contacted eBay seller Mobile And Solid who specalizes in adding touch overlays to existing screens. He sold me a kit for $50 to add a touch screen overlay to my standard screen.

    It took me just an hour from complete disassembly of the system to fully working touch screen. I'll admit, my first attempt wasn't exactly perfect. I accidently had some double sided foam tap touching the sensor part of the overlay so when you plugged it in the mouse wouldn't work. After correcting that by removing and reapplying the tape things works great.

    I put the screen back in the dash and tested everything out one last time before calling it complete. At this stage the screen is 100% working, both video output and touch screen. The only down side is I don't have my carPc installed. In my Protege 5 I had a trunk mounted system and I intend to put the carPC in either the glove box (its huge in there, thats where the factory nav setup goes) or under the passanger seat.

    I've been comparing different setups and need to do some measuring and more reading before I make my final selection. It's important not to rush things and make the best possible decision. I learned the hard way the first time around and this time everything looks top-notch professional. I've attached some photos from The Xenon Store of the screen. I will be posting pictures of my setup and work log to my website very soon so everyone can see videos and detailed explinations.

    One thing I know people are going to ask is about the audio. The Mazda 3 has aux ports on the radio OR you can add a Aux jack to a Mazda factory radio using the factory bay inside the head unit. [url=""]See here]/url]. From here the only thing left if putting the PC in and hooking up the wires.
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    I should note that I am aware of another unit made just like this that has VGA and touch built in but it runs $1150 + shipping vs $750.00 ($700 for the unit + $50 for touch). It saved $400 on the screen and I prefer the screen I bought.

    Page 1 is pictures, Page 2 is the pricing and specs


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      That's awesome!!!!!! I hope I can help more people on this site to be able to get the OEM look they been looking for.

      I hope to see your setup soon. I'm looking forward to see where your carputer will go.



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        Mazda Pop Up Monitor

        Here is the site:


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          can be possible to use on an X3. how difficult is it to type, and control UI. Great pics, and posting.


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            As I understand your question, you're asking if this part can be used in a BMW X3?

            I doubt it, this part was made specific for the Mazda 3 dash. It is a direct replacement for the factory dash piece.

            Seeing as the X3 does have an in-dash option I would assume that somewhere out there you can indeed purchase either the housing for the factory nav and just add your screen OR you can find an aftermarket version that fits in the same spot.

            Here is a picture I found of an X3, is this what you're talking about?

            After a bit of research I do know that a 2-DIN unit, for example would fit. Note that this is NOT a carPC monitor. It is a in-dash radio unit with a touch screen that controls the unit. No USB-touch screen kit could be added to control the PC.

            I do know that after-market kits exist to allow you to add video output to your factory navigation screen (see here) but it would require the factory navigation and I don't know much about your paticular model.


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              Dash Monitor

              I am in the process of getting a pop up monitor for the Mazda 6. The X3 is also on my list and I will be getting some in next month. I will keep you posted.



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                2007 Mazda 3 Dash Screen

                Splash-X Your post was a lot of help. The touch screen add-on will solve a problem

                For anyone interested I have located the manufacturer/supplier in Tiawan that sells the DV-M3 for $480 plus $90 for 3 day shipping total $570 They only accept Bank Wire Transfer.

                I'll admit I am kind of nervous sending a Wire Transfer to a foreign country but I'm willing to chance it. I will post my results when/if the unit arrives.

                Contact info:
                Name: Mr Kai Liao
                Company: Daiwoo Co., Ltd
                Address: No. 160, Yingcheng 1st St. Taichung, TW,
                Country: Taiwan
                Postal Code: 407
                Phone: 886-04-23121111
                Fax: 886-04-23124567

                Email: [email protected] attn. Kai

                company info:


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                  Where did you find them through? Just curious. If you don't want to chance it my seller here in the states (Tony from above) sells them for $700 + shipping.

                  My parts order from MP3 car got botched this week, the Ampie was out-of-stock so I contacted them to see why the combo was still in. They said they were going to subsititue the Voom case in its place. Come to find out they placed my order on hold until the ampie was in stock.

                  After contacting them they were going to try to send out the stuff but who knows if I will get it in time to complete the install and get more details/videos/pictures for you.


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                    Hey there, do you have a step by step of how you took apart your screen and applied the touch screen thanks


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                      Step by step? Not exactly. It is as simple as taking 8 screws out, taping the touch kit to the bezel, replace the 8 screws and... bam... its done.

                      To be honest, this mod was the easiest mod ever. I can get step-by-step pictures for you if you need but I would need to take mine appart again.

                      My next mod is to take a Windows Media Center IR receiver and attach it to the bezel where the stock IR slot is. Put a small USB hub in the screen housing (theres tons of room in there) and running a single USB line out.

                      If you buy the screen from Tony I can make arrangments to install the LCD kit for you if you wanted since he is local to me.

                      Do you have a Mazda 3 or are you just looking for a walkthrough? Mobile and Solid includes a PDF with detailed instructions on how to install.

                      I can't stress how simple and easy this way. Nothing major, super easy.


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                        The manufacter you posted is not the manufacturer! There is no exact maufacturer as the screens are made in Korea and the actual dash is made in China. Chinese/Taiwan companies are wholsale and sometimes copy the products. The screens we offer are the real deal and we can sale through paypal as it is safe. If you are interested I will mark it down to $599 with free shipping. For another 29.99 you avoid the uncertainy of losing your money. Korea and Japan are the only safe companies in Asia as they deal with paypal and other safe forms of payment. Wire transfer are 100% risk to the customer.


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                          Touch Screens are Coming!

                          As mentioned by Splash X, I will be offering the monitors with touch screens. I hope to partner up with Splash-X and Mobile and Solid to get this product out to everyone in this forum.


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                            how do I contact you to purchase one of your DV-M3's


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                              Go to the ebay site and leave me your email. I will contact you as soon aas possible. Let me know is you are interested in getting it with touchscreen.