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2003 WRX Sedan, typical setup

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  • 2003 WRX Sedan, typical setup

    Here's another setup with the screen in the double din opening and reciever where the optional guage pack is. It's a very convenient setup. I have a JVC DVD/MP3 deck so i can use it to watch DVD movies if I want to, or the GF can bring "her mp3" with her without having it permanently in my hard drive.

    The remote sensor is hidden behind the cup holder above the LCD. Gap tolerances on Subarus are large enough for the signal to pass through. haha.

    Dash shots, running LSX Void 2.02 night/day. (Thanks Liquid_Smoke for such a perfect skin!)

    The computer I have in the trunk. I found a deal online for 8" sub boxes. I decided to make a real subwoofer out of one, and put the carPC in the other.

    carPC in sub box shot. Intel D201GLY "little valley" on the base, M2-ATX near the "roof" of the box, Fujitsu 80GB 2.5" HD on the inside right, mounted parallel to car's wheel rotation. Not shown, is a SD/CF+ various others memory card reader and usb connector (2.5") on the left side of the box. Case fan in the rear of the box.

    From the trunk, the left side is the real sub. Yeah I know, it's only 8", but I'm not a big bass head. Just enough is fine for me. The right is my carPC. Wires are covered by the black box secured to the base and the sub boxes. The shot below is from the pass through in the rear seat. The flash mem reader can be seen and easily accessible from that location.

    In the mail is a Pheonix Gold line driver to up the sound quality. It's a bit low.

    Future mods may be carpeting to match the trunk.