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2001 V6 Mustang, Mac Mini, 7" Lilliput

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  • 2001 V6 Mustang, Mac Mini, 7" Lilliput

    Image Annotations:
    A - An exterior power button for the mini
    B - An exterior switch to cut the power from the display
    C - Velcro (yea, its ghetto fabulous)
    D - A heavily modified powermate (controls volume, pause/play, next/previous song)
    E - An ethernet cable for VNC or file transfer (usually hidden)

    This is a G4 powered mac mini running CarFrontEnd. The mini and carnetix power supply are located directly behind the display; there's a lot of room back there. The lilliput display fits almost exactly in the console. Currently, it's held in place with velcro -- yea, it's ghetto fabulous but it has a good hold and has allowed me to pull everything out relatively painlessly to tune the system AND it's not very noticeable.

    The amp is a Kenwood KAC-8402 AMP 4 Channel with 60 Watts rms running through the stock speakers. I wasn't looking to win any stereo competitions -- I just wanted something a little better and it is. I've gotten compliments on the sound quality but personally, I may upgrade to some low-profile woofers. The amp itself is mounted vertically, behind the carpet, on the floor of the backseat (it would be behind the calves of whoever sits in the backseat). The speaker cabling runs under the carpet and door sill on the passenger side of the car. The power cable runs along the driver side of the car. I don't experience any noise in the system.

    I thought the stock powermate was pretty but a little too high so I modified it to be much lower to fit beneath the center console. The back disc you see is the new top that attaches to the powermate through a hole that used to be a coin holder. I spent like 10+ hours making it from parts from the powermate, bondo, and paint. That was my first experience making something with bondo. If I ever decide to bondo the display to the center console then at least I will have had some experience.

    I may relocate the exterior power switches to below the display, next to the stock rear-defrost button.

    Car Info:
    2001 V6 Manual (will post pics soon)

    MAC Cold-air intake
    G10-FR40 1/2" Intake Spacer
    Underdrive Pully
    Triax Shifter
    Griggs Front Coil-overs with Tokico Shocks & 400lb Springs for a 1" drop
    Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber Plates
    Steeda Subframe Connectors
    Steeda Sport Springs in the back
    Bilstein Shocks
    8.8" Rear with 3.73 gears
    Best 1/4 mile et: 15.4 s @ 90mph (spinning the tires in almost every gear)

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    No shame in Velcro. On my first version of my car pc I had the lilliput velcro'd to the carputer case which I mounted where the factory deck was. There was two bolts holding it in place, so I made a bracket for the carputer case to bolt to that so everything stayed in place. Good work, it's something to start with.
    2004 Ford Mustang Mach 1
    Specs: Epia M2-1000, 512mb ram, SB Audigy NX, Lilliput 7" Touchscreen, M2-ATX, DVD, 160gb HDD, gps, obdII, wifi, bluetooth, XM radio, HQCT and Logitech wireless gamepad.
    Install Status: DONE

    My XM FAQ


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      Nice install. Im doing almost the same thing to my mustang as well. Im a little confusef on the wiring though. I dont understand how to connect the P1900 to the battery with the fuses and everything. Do you just have to connect it to the batteries terminal and thats it? and also my amp is currently being powered from the battery's terminal. If I need to use the terminal for the p1900 how would I power the amp? would both of them need to be connected to the batteries terminal?