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    I finally completed my first install in my 2003 Mercury Sable. The Dashboard was particularly difficult to work around as you can see, but I think I did about as well as can reasonably be expected. Only down side is that when in park, the screen is pretty obstructed.
    before (stock image)


    The rear seats fold down to access the trunk so I bolted the CPU to the back of the drivers side seat. All the wires under the carpet and when I flip the seat back, every thing's neatly hidden away.

    You can see the USB WiFi thing sticking out of the front. It works reasonably well enough for short updates, but I'm still playing with it. Having a little trouble hooking up the car2pc module which is supposed to work with the oem head unit and speakers. I still have to add a couple of USP ports in the arm rest, but otherwise, it's a done deal, that is until I can think of some other way to screw with it.
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