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  • Mp3 G60

    Project Name: MP3 G60
    Car: 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco Mk1
    Engine: I4 1.9L "G60"

    Basic Stereo Information: Sony CDX-C910 HU, Rockford Fosgate EXP2 x-over - eq, RF punch 360.6 (6x30W), RF power 500.2 (2x250W), 2x 10" RF DVC subs.

    Carputer: Intel Celeron 700
    Case: MSI MS-6215
    Power: 300W DC/AC converter
    Storage: ~60 gig
    Sound: onboard
    Control: 4x8" industrial keyboard ~ ebay
    ~Poweramp Mite ~ Here
    ~Micromodule mouse ~
    Display: Allen Ruble controller, 10.4" Nec lcd

    Information Sources:



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    what version winamp u runnin?? looks awesume.



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      Looks to be Winamp 2.8ish with the Nemish skin (one of my favorites!). That screen is very sharp!! M.A.V.I.C. System
      Asus MB, PII 266, 192 MB Ram, 6.8" LCD, 6 Disk CD-ROM, 21 Gig HD, All-in-Wonder Video w/ TV Tuner, Irman, Windows ME, Winamp, Cobra III -- All in a custom acrylic case. MP3car Listings - Please add to it! :)


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        New pictures, got my screen mounted in the car.

        oops, not running nemish anymore


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          Is that screen ductaped on?
          Car: 2000 Grand Am GT
          PC: Pentium III 900mhz 40GB 256mb RAM
          Software: Winamp 5.-3 on WinXP
          Stats: 22 second boot, 6300+ MP3's in playlist
          Head Unit: Blaupunkdt Casablanca


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            that's one small keyboard! Where'd you snatch that from?
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              Re: ductaped

              Originally posted by SirCyRo
              Is that screen ductaped on?
              , No I have some metal brackets that I made holding the screen. It's not that ghetto, it's not a show car so I'm just going for function.

              The keyboard came from ebay a year or 2 ago, it's my favorite piece of my system. Backlit too, btw.


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                Rotate your screen?

                looks like the screen's a bit too wide for your console, why not turn it the other way? . Maybe use a screen rotation program or special drivers so your screen would go from Landscape to Portrait style instead. If you went that way your screen would seem a better fit in your tight console, plus you could have a longer playlist showing.
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