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  • Horraay!!

    So i'm a "noob" but today @ 06:39am i got my first car pc working; fab and finish are still to come but intead of posting and asking questions i decided to read thru all of the knowledge and insight that is available on this site...i want to say thank you 'cause although i've never meet any of you guys you have helped me so much thru my project...

    anyway here are the specs:
    Chevy '01 2500HD xtra-cab short box truck-
    AMD Athalon 64 rated at 2.2ghz over-clocked to 2.31ghz
    160 Maxtor SATA HD
    Card reader w/ integrated FDD
    2 gigs of ram
    iGuidance 4.0
    RR with blue devil skin
    Xenerc 705TSV touchscreen
    Windows XP Pro

    well thats the start, i'll post some pics soon!!


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    Glad it's working.

    Looking forward to the photos!
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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      i meant noob... and i know there are alot of typos...i guess that's what happens when you work all day, and install a carpc all night...


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        Originally posted by chev2500hd View Post
        i meant noob... and i know there are alot of typos...i guess that's what happens when you work all day, and install a carpc all night...
        You can edit your post if you want you know? Bottom right corner of the post click edit.

        1996 Accord Ex Carputer

        Soon to come 2008 WRX 5-door Mac-carputer.


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          Bravo for reading to find all your own answers!


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            Nice, lets get some pix up now


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              ill hopefully get some pics up this week after i finish fabrication...prob gonna have some questions by then too, but i'm gonnna try to work out all the kinks first...


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                So after i got the pc installed and running i had to work out the kinks:
                -Alt Whine and no audio out of the left side
                -BR-355 bugs
                -figuring out RR and what skin to use
                -Organization of cable and wires
                -TS cooling issues-- since i mounted the xenarc where the factory HU used to go i had some major cooling issues because that particular location was right next to some major HVAC ducts and although in the summer heat wont be an issue this tie of year it really is...

                I added two fans on the right side of the screen to circulate air (one blowing in and one blowing out) because since i had so much space i left the screen in the original case and mounted it in the opening. The problem was that after i had had the pc one for about 30mins (while driving w/ heat on) the ts would become unresponsive. 2 12v fans from radio shack (it was down the street) that push about 35cfm and pull 1.6w each have seemed to solve the problem.

                If anybody is doing and install in a newer gm silverado, tahoe, suburban, etc, feell free to ask any ques!!!

                The only other major issue is the BR-355, i know that others have said it's great but i've been haveing alot of trouble getting that to sat-lock and sync with the ig4. it is great when it works but so far has been a temperamental device in my experience.
                After i got everything installed and working guess turn signal switch finnally @#$% the bed and i had to take everything apart and replace a $240 switch!! The kicker was that i had to remove the dash, instrumnet cluster, steering wheel, airbag and a few other things to get to one screw...thanks gm...but i digress; here are the pics i promised and give feel free to give advice...
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                  Couple of the pics from his link:

                  What looks to be final (look at the sticker on the dash):

                  The turning switch replacement:



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                    thanks, that last one there is the pc, it's tucked in the front of the center console


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                      a pic of the outside would be nice


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                        Here is a chevy for yea to check out. Let me know if you want me to cut your truck for yea I'll come right on over to do for yea. Click my link to see my truck install
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