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My Lexus SC300 install

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  • My Lexus SC300 install

    so this is what my stock interior looks like

    and heres what im aiming for

    this is my first time installing a carpc. never done it before and never really even messed with customization like this. change my climate control unit with another unit from another car and move it down, fit a 7" touchscreen at the top, and where a cupholder is supposed to be on the right, is where im going to put a 4 port usb slot. but since the climate control that i was originally going to put there wouldnt quite fit like planned, i had to stick with my stock unit and just do a little modification to it.

    for the screen, i want it to be inset a bit and slightly tilted. similar to some of the new cars, like the g37, or ls460. most of my inspiration comes from the new cars, and how they're assembled, and designed. and since its a lexus, i had to keep that luxury-inspired look. i was aiming for a stock, clean look.

    and since my cars a 92, that means my lights inside are the stock old school green color. what i also plan on doing to those is update them by using different colors. most of the newer cars that ive seen, use a nice blue or white color. so that will be my goal, to change the light colors to a blue or white color.

    ive been researching for a long time on what i planned to do with my car. i did my research before actually assembling so that once i start assembling, i dont have to stop at a design stage. most of it will flow with ease. now of course every once in a while ill have to redesign something to make it fit better, or just for aesthetic appeal. so i actually started working on the center console for a bit now. probably over a couple of weeks. so ill show you what my progress is and where im at now. then maybe you can follow along until i reach my goal. so enjoy the pix!

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    heres what my computer looks like

    and this is where its going

    and heres the cover to go over it

    here, i had to cut a hole so all the cables could go through and for ventilation


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      here some work i did on the center i already attached the usb port and cut the volume knob off


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        heres a faceplate i cut out for my climate control unit so that when i put it all together, i can blend it with my screen and the rest of my center console

        then i drew some lines on the center console to see where i wanted things to get cut and where everything would fit. so i cut the top part where it was curved to a flat side so that the screen could fit in there flush

        for my screen, i got a lilliput 619gl. when i test fitted it in there, with the climate control, it wouldnt fit i had to cut the bottom part off and angle it so that it would fit


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          then i had to cut some i drew out some templates to cut out


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            and so now..basically, this is where im at

            and this is with everything pretty much there


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              Looking good so far! Keep it up
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                thank you!


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                  now i started trying to fit everything in there to make sure it would fit and work. i also tried to retro fit some of these leds in the cc knobs and tried to light them up

                  and it worked! so now i can get blue cc knobs, and also a blue cigarette lighter

                  so then i tried to fit everything to make sure all the things were in the right place so it would fit perfectly

                  and its a good thing i checked turns out the cc unit i had was just a tad bit too high. so now i need to adjust it and bring it down just a bit.


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           a lil update on my progress..ive mostly been gathering info, the reason why i havent made much progress. thanks to tony for much of the info i needed. so now, i made a bracket to hold the a/n unit in place since i wont be using the old bracket.

                    and then i pretty much super glued everything so that i would know where they would be put exactly and then put epoxy all over it


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                      so now..heres where im at again. im finally applying bondo to the thing to finally make it all pretty!


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                        Nice work - this is going to look good

                        Keep it up, you're inspiring me to finish mine - hehe
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                          thanks! im happy to hear that im inspiring/motivating others! thats what i hoped i could do with this. your project is lookin pretty nice yourself. keep it up!


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                            Great work. Cant wait to see it done. I've been running my CarPC for almost a year now and I love it. Good luck.

                            CarPC is up and Running


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                              Looking awesome so far! Can't wait to see the finished product!