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  • Fiat Stilo by _Dejan_

    Hi everyone,
    Now is time to present my project
    Few pictures when car has been stock:

    Few new badges:

    First Im buy new complete suspension and lower car for 5cm.

    Then Im build my first CARPC with next components:
    Jetway 7F2WE-1G5-OC 1.5GHz
    M2-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (160 Watt)
    Adapter HDD 2.5" to 3.5"
    2,5" HDD
    RAM 1024MB DDR-II 533MHz CL4
    VoomPC [Black Edition]
    BU353 USB GPS (Sirf III)
    USB Bluetooth Jabra A320s
    USB Wireless card with external 6dB antenna
    7" LCD In-Dash Touchscreen (K90)120GB

    Installing carpc into car:

    VGA cable

    USB HUB with WLAN, BT, TS & GPS

    second USB HUB

    Radio & LCD:

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    Then Im sell this CARPC and start build new INDASH CARPC

    First Im buy few new things.

    OBD Pro:


    Then Im buy components:
    -MainBoard: VIA PICO PX 10000G Pico-ITX
    -Ram A-DATA SO DDR2 1GB 533MHz
    -HDD 2.5" WD 1600BEVS S-ATA
    -Adapter SATA-HDD 2.5" to SATA-MB and Power
    -Power Suply M2-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (160 Watt)
    -Monitor LCD TS CTF800
    -GPS OEM GlobalSat ET-332

    Then Im start making mask for LCD:

    and building TPMS:

    And then Im find first little problem. I need case for carpc. hmmmmmmmmm where can I get it? Maybe build it from old PC case? no to hard And Im find old radio from mothers stilo Looks nice maybe I can use it

    Time to destroy it

    And with new mask for LCD:

    On this picture you can see MB, HDD & GPS:

    then Im put HDD on rubbers:

    And build audio connector:

    then Im stop my project because pico MB doesn't support S3 power state and Im sell it. Yesterday Im receive new board VIA EPIA NX15000G and continue building CARPC. Im change positions of components, HDD & M2-ATX power suply is below MB. I will post new pictures today at the evening or tomorrow...
    That is all for now...

    Bye, _Dejan_


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      Nice work. You should be proud of what yo have achieved. Be sure to update this thread as you go along. I am sure that a lot of people will watch with keen interest.

      Man that PICO mobo is small.
      Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


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        Excelent work Djan, but let me advise you to change the location of the TMS receiver. If you would have some opportunity to receive the signal transmitted by sensors in tires, you should put the receiver in a plastic box away the pc hardware in order to reduce the interference.
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          hi Robby,
          This has been position for testing, in this position I think I will have trouble with receiving signals and Im thinking to put receiver in plastic box (i have prepared it). Because this case I think will work like anti-interference case...


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            Well, the main problem is that the metalic box acts as a shield for the receiver and doesn't allow the reception of radio signals, so a plastic box is a must.
            Also the proximity of the PC hardware could be a source of interference for the receiver.
            The best thing would be to place it in a central point of the vehicle between the front tires and rear ones (I've placed it near the shifter).
            Car installation 95% [■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■]
            Current project: Parking sensor USB interface


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              Hi everyone,
              Here is today update:

              Motherboard VIA EPIA NX15000G

              then Im must find best positions for power supply, HDD and motherboard:

              Now I have a little more space... And this is all for today...


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                one word, SWEET. 2 questions, 1. where did you get the TPMS? and does it just tell you that you have a tire going slack or will it tell you which tire it is?


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                  Originally posted by Mylt1 View Post
                  one word, SWEET. 2 questions, 1. where did you get the TPMS? and does it just tell you that you have a tire going slack or will it tell you which tire it is?
                  For this TPMS is thread on this forum which is created by "Robby BMW" Im create it from hit tutorial... And show which tire going slack or increase max temperature... Im not tested it yet because I waiting for plugin for Centrafuse and I don't have builded my carpc yet...


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                    Now I continue with my project. Im build TTL->USB module for my GPS globalsat ET332 module.

                    First TTL->RS232:

                    And then real board TTL->USB:

                    Tomorrow I will continue with putting all things in my case...


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                      and pictures of today work.

                      Mounting GPS and modul in case:

                      Preparing for putting case together:

                      USB connector, GPS connector and Audio connectors:

                      Completed for today:

                      I must "organize" all cables and tomorow I will fill left lower corner


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                        Little update:

                        Finished case:

                        Tomorow I will continue...


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                          And here is one quick movie how work...
                          LINK YOU-TUBE


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                            svaka cast susjed...
                            very welldone neighbour....great idea of putting it all ina an old dbl din HU...
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                            HU Pioneer 9600
                            Front: Phase cfs 165.25
                            Sub: Phase slect 12r
                            Sub-amp: xxxxxxxxx
                            Front amp: xxxxxxxxx


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                              dobar install - pozdrav za nekadsnje susjede od jednog Bosanca is USA
                              [-------------] Hardware Status
                              [-------------] Software Status
                              [-------------] Fabrication Status