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my first mp3/gps car computer -- with pics

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  • my first mp3/gps car computer -- with pics

    just finished this today, let me know what u guys think.. btw, i like the deluo receiver, its $80, connects in 9 seconds and i get atleast 6 satellites.

    well it took a while to get it all working, and wires hidden, but i definitely like it.. all in all it took about 15 hours to build, install, hide and setup. cost was up there too

    windows xp professional
    shuttle ak32
    amd xp 1600+
    256 megs pc133 sdr
    ibm deskstar 40gig hd
    deluo usb gps receiver
    delorme street atlas 2003 mapping software
    creative audigy
    micro innovations slimline keypad
    ati radeon 64m ddr vivo
    mobile authority 5.6" tft screen with tv tuner/av center
    diy case, carpeted and sized to match my sub box
    300w rms power inverter
    250w enermax power supply
    hacked up case (cutting aluminum sucks)
    belkin powered usb hub
    belkin usb extensions
    pioneer 740mp still used for volume controls with cdrb10 for aux input.

    only thing im missing is a small touch pad for mouse controls, will be here in a few days.

    shot of winamp -- loads automaticall with windows . start up is 15seconds, shutdown is 5 seconds.

    Shot of screen, with my nice background

    GPS Software, i dont know why the screen has lines in it, it doesnt look like that in person.
    Btw, it talks to you and you can talk to it

    Slimline keypad for all my winamp controls. over 4000 mp3s on my hd all catagorized.

    belkin powered usb hub under passenger seat for extra connections if needed. (mounted)

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    Deluio gps receiver, mounted right up front in window, barely noticeable, it is about the size of two quarters -- but it has to be in plain view.. even behind tinted windows it wont work.

    shot of the mobo when i was building it.. fan is a speeze with aluminum heatsink

    this is the case i made for my comp to fit in. i have two fans, one 80mm and a smaller one, moves alot of air and is barely noticable in front of the car.

    AV center control for screen, it has four tv anteanns so it always has a decent signal, as well as two AV inputs. this pic was during installation, all wires are hidden now.

    this is where i jammed the av center, this is under the HU area.


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      Looks like a great setup. Im considering making a similar style case, carpeted to match the trunk.
      Project AutoBoxen: Coming along, almost ready to hook up in the car.
      Celeron 500, 192mb ram, 8gb hdd, other stuff.
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        Nice install, just need some of the computer blending into trunk, and sweet 2#%@#% jesus, a deathstar in the carpc? are you mad? Hopefully its a 120gxp

        Since when is insanity a bad thing?


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          looks nice..
          now is the fans you got mounted there both intakes or is one an exhaust?

          also where did u get this gps from?

          and how much for the monitor... looks like a nice picture it might have on the gps for being that small.



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            gps unit is from


            it is $89 and takes 9 seconds to lock onto satellites, usb, and i havent had any problems with it..

            screen is a Mobile Authority m56tp (with 2 AV in, 1 av out, 4 TV antennas + remote). retail is like $300 but i got the screen, remote, all wires, and av center unit for $119 on res is 960x234 and looks pretty decent.. composite input only.

            both fans are intake (the back end of the case is openned, so it just flows through).

            the 80mm fan is kinda loud upclose, but when ur in front of the car its barely noticcable.. add to that equation, going 70mph + car stereo, you cant hear it.

            i know mobile authority isnt the best brand, and its prolly the cheapest thing quality wise ive bought for this, but i am impressed with it for such a low price.. a 5.6" screen with TONS of addons with just over $100 is quite a steal.


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     should add a wireless NIC and antenna for war driving...what kind of job do you have to afford this shiznit?


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                im a student still, and im broke as *****.. this wasnt very expensive, the AMD xp 1600 is on sale on for $50, the mobo was 50, i mdae the case, and the audigy, video card, power supply, memmory i had laying around.. i just had to buy the screen as well and take the time to make it all. if i had to buy everything from scratch it would have cost me about $600 but it was significantly less since i had alot of stuff.


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                  How is the SA 2003 software?


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                    i like sa2003 alot.. its very good, its the only gps software ive used, but the maps are detailed -- one way streets.. it talks to you and you can talk to it.. however, when you get lost, it doesnt auto recalculate the root (or if i does i dont know how to do it).. i was very impressed with what i got for $50 ill tell ya that much.


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                      What kinda car is that installed in?
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                        Looks like a ford focus to me!?


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                          yup, 2001 ford focus..


                          for other pics


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                            Great Setup. Do you have any power problems. Are you running inverter directly off the battery or thru a cigarette lighter.


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                              im running 10ga from my battery (with 20amp inline fuse) to a relay to the inverter.. Relay it turned on by my headunit and turns on my inverter, and screen. I wouldnt suggest running the inverter thru a cig lighter, it looks bad, and some cig lighters are fused at 15amps, and this thing will take 30amps 12vdc at full swing.