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  • My Project (just started)

    Ok I'm new and from Australia. Just started buying stuff today Got all computer equip for about $400US (all new), Power Supply for about $150US (new). I hope the HD and DVD work properly and don't skip/break in the car! I suppose I'll take my chances then buy a laptop HD/DVD if I need to. Any suggestions on GPS or Screen would be GREATLY appreciated and any other suggestions of course. I plan on making custom software as I know VB and a fair bit of C++ and am not happy with any of the current software for my setup

    At the moment I'm running off a 250W AC-DC PSU inside for testing, seems to be enough juice so far

    Car: 1993 Mazda MX6
    Engine: 2.5L V6 DOHC 121kw

    Car Stereo:
    Basic Stereo Information: Stock stereo. Sounds OK. Will upgrade later.

    Carputer: AMD Athlon XP 1800+
    Case: To build
    Power: 250W DC-DC
    Storage: 80gig
    Sound: Onboard Dolby 5.1
    Motherboard: Asus A7N266-VM (9.6" x 9.6" onboard Lan, GeForce2, Sound)
    Videocard: Onboard GeForce2
    Display: To buy - Maybe Xenarc 7" Touchscreen
    Extras: 16xDVD, TV/FM Tuner, GPS(still to buy)

    I don't know where I'm going to mount the computer yet I'll have to pull some things apart and see where I can fit it A 7" LCD should fit perfectly in the double DIN slot with slight modification. I think I have it easy seeing other people's dash's and the tricky spots they have to mount LCDs

    Any feedback greatly appreciated! Sorry for no more pictures I'll take some later.

    By the way - The Asus motherboard is pretty sweet because for about $120US I got the motherboard with built in Audio/Lan/GeForce2 and an AMD1800. Seems good value and it's very small (well not compared to say the FV24 but still fairly small). Has 3PCI and 1AGP no ISA.



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    I'm just curious about the fact that you put a xp 1800 in your car ? Why so much power ? do you wanna rip dvd's in your car *g*

    don't take this personal just thinking this is a bit much for car entertainement system-

    For the xenarc there was a thread in LCD section with people who weren't wvery happy with it -

    If you have the money buy a vga LCD with controller - If you wanna cheap screen buy a 5.6" or bigger RCA screen.

    where to put the screen:
    RCA screen : you could try fixing the mountig thing(sorry im not english) inside the ventilation
    or build part that would fit between the ventilation and speed control console ( sorry cannot express me better ) so i decidet to make a pic

    see attachement

    For GPS I just bought a little USB GPS receiver which should be great ( will receive it monday )

    like you didn't mention OS - I did very good experiences with WInXP professional- no bluescreens and very fast boot !


    =>> Carpc Version2 -- Epia M 10K based<<=
    ::Epia M10k,7"VGA/40GB2.5",GPS,Opus90W ::
    ::trying to build second low cost carpc:: :: CAR= Renault Clio2 - 2 seats 1.9D


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      this is what I would look at the Attachment

      Mp3 player - 10.4 Allbrite Gigabyte GA-71XEH , 700 mgz t-bird , coolmaster fan , 2x 128 ram + 1 512ram , ATI-RAEON RV100 ,on bd sound , Linksys Wireless-B usb network adapter , 20G IBM TRAVELSTAR


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        Well I put a 1800 in there because.... well... I can I just figured that for $130 I can get that and it would take me ages to find a second hand slower one. Just didn't want to muck around. And the faster it is the shorter boot time

        I have a standard HD and DVD have you guys had any problems with skipping? How should i mount them?

        Thanks for the feedback

        I like the way allenruble mounted it - but that looks very hard :P

        that looks like a not too bad solution felix Only problem is i would like to have it hidden when stopped - Damn thieves!

        Yeah I'm running Windows XP




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          I took some more pics today when i pulled the dash apart

          I was hoping to get my DVD ROM maybe in that empty space and the screen in the double DIN. But seeing as there's no room I might have to have the drive above and the screen down lower. Although I've heard they need to be mounted vertically to avoid damage? So I might have to rethink the whole thing...

          After thinking about where the put the workings I think the best spot might be here and I can have it so I can get at it from in the car, and have that open for cooling and stuff if I need to. Means i can hide it away when i stop so no-one will see it

          What you guys think?




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            Also I'm having a lot of trouble finding a decent LCD at decent price! As you can see I have limited space to work with and i think a 7.5" by 5.5" was the biggest I could fit (which is approx 7" diagonal). The Xenarc screen has the right specs but it's expensive and as you say there's a LOT of bad reports on it. Any other ones I could look at (yes I've looked through every post here and couldn't find another one I liked... VGA input is really a must for it I think... Composite just loses too much quality for text to show up)


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              good to see more aussies

              for a lcd you can get a 5.6" lcd from ebay or sold for less than 300 bux these days

              mind you there not vga and you will need good luck to get a vga small lcd in australia

              i managed to get a 12" lcd with controler card for 200 bux ages ago and have fitted it into my car even thio im still working on the pc

              good luck and keep us posted

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                heheh i got the computer goin (well... power supply coming this week so they say) just gotta get a screen sorted :P

                Shame u live in sunshine... I live in ivanhoe (near kew) so we can't really check eachother's setups out :P

                Sunshine is on the way to Geelong isn't it?


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                  Oh also, If i buy a non-touchscreen how much would it cost me to buy an insert?


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                    yeah sunshines on the way to geelong

                    no idea about tu\ouchscreens never been interested in them
                    im trying to get a new pc for home and am gonna use it incar
                    been wasting too much cash on my car and havnt bothered about upgrading my pc for umm ages

                    you heard of melbccr (

                    its a car cruise group have cruises everynow and them

                    i go ocasionaly mabe we could meetup on a cruise there usually out the other side of town close to you

                    donate to my team in the ****box rally all proceeds go to the cancer council


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                      Uh-Oh i think im turning into a spammer

                      but has anyone used this monitor? It has a Sharp screen so should be good... no touchscreen or VGA though still, if I could get touchscreen insert cheap it might be a better option than $600US or so for a Xenarc shipped over... that's just too much money.... I mean at autobarn i can get a 7" Kenwood touchscreen for $1,600AU


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                        My friend at school (JSTYLE) is a spammer at that board I've never been into the melbccr scene much.... Seem like a bunch of street racers to me

                        I did go karting for 5 years and picked up a lot of trophies so I got nothing to prove on the road


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                          haha jstyle ive probabally met him ages ago

                          nothing wrong with street racers if your winning lol
                          im not into street racing but a cruise and to check out cool cars is my game

                          anyway good luck with the screen search

                          donate to my team in the ****box rally all proceeds go to the cancer council


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                            hehehe yeah i presume you know him from the board? You seen his car? everyone at school is still waiting to see it, he won't show it to anyone :P


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                              The ebay screen is from Aurora - ( korean i think ) don't remember is on ebay auction they mentionned model name but if not search google for aurora tm56k ( that was my old screen) so you can check out teir site.
                              My actual screen is also from aurora and i'm very satisfied with it!

                              For mounting - I always think in that one day I have to sell my car so if I relocate ventilation or such it has to be reversible or the hardware has to stay in the car- who wants to buy a car with a big hole in console ! Thats to think about

                              I, personally remove the screen every time I stop and move it under the seat - its not perfect solution but i use the screen only on longer trip ( >20min) - for the rest of my löittle trips i use no screen - blind navigation - but soon i'll add a little char lcd wich would be enough for winamp.#


                              =>> Carpc Version2 -- Epia M 10K based<<=
                              ::Epia M10k,7"VGA/40GB2.5",GPS,Opus90W ::
                              ::trying to build second low cost carpc::
                     :: CAR= Renault Clio2 - 2 seats 1.9D