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1992 Honda Accord - budget carputer

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  • 1992 Honda Accord - budget carputer

    Long time, no post.
    After acquiring a new car, fudging around with a $8 mp3 player just wasn't gonna cut it anymore. I needed something to store all my music, and let me get to it quickly. Ipods and the like are out of the question - too expensive.

    The solution was to spend as little as possible and still have a decent result.

    There's a USB hub under there, and a power switch.

    1024x768 VGA LCD non-touchscreen (only $30 off ebay)
    800MHz EPIA C3 mini-itx board
    384MB ram
    20gb HDD
    And a 80W Morex car PSU that I never used from 3 years ago.

    The frontend you see is something I wrote myself. After looking at roadrunner, I figured it would probably take less time to code my own instead of dorking around with the config files for the former.
    - it has to boot fast
    - show all my music and let me get through it quickly
    - be configurable for whatever crazy input scheemes I come up with
    - stop world hunger
    - cure cancer

    The end result is a compact VB app that takes music info from Windows Media Player, so your library is there the first time you start the program, no config needed.
    Likewise, every single aspect of the UI, from the buttons down to the colors, is entirely not customizable.

    Runs Windows XP fine - boots in about 35 seconds with the minlogon hack. No need to shutdown - just turn the key off.

    I bought a small wireless USB media remote - it's hardcoded for CyberDVD. I had to trap all keypresses to my program and remap them. What a mess.

    The screen frame itself I built using a dremel and model glue. I cut up an old floppy case, and spent quality time with a file. Bondoed, spot puttyed, sanded, sprayed with adhesion promoter and finally textured Rustoleum rattle paint.
    The frame is mounted via piano hinge on some sheet metal that reaches up, and back where it's screwed into the old stereo mounting bracket.

    Sound? Good enough for me. There's a 52Wx4 Sony stereo in there, works fine with my Kenwood speakers. I'm not looking to wake the dead, though it does have a nice kick. There's a bit of noise from the mobo, but inaudible at anything above silence.

    Shutting down..

    Comments welcome Total money spent: probably around $120 for everything.
    [■■■■■■■■] 100%
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    it's my first post in there.

    Your setup looks very fine. KISS! (Keep it simple and smart ;-))

    Are you thinking about to share your frontend with the community? I'm exactly looking for such a software. Not overloaded at all and using the library of WMP!


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      no fuss no muss, a clean and simple install. love the anti-theft solution as well!


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        wow I like your anti-theft device!!!


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          I love it! Cheap, no fuss solution to in car entertainment. Just what I need in my car - too old to bother with an expensive carputer.


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            Looks good, I want to do something like that but the non-touchscreen aspect is a bit too cheap for me.


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              pretty sweet. I hope no one tries to steal your books.
              Mike M
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                Nice install but how is the cure for cancer and stopping world hunger going?
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                  anti-theft device rocks


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                    Nice work, im interested in just turning the key off, does it mess with ur comp at all?? i thought about doing this but the startup times ****ed me off...about 1 min or so, so i stuk to hibernate. p.s. im not using a SSDC, im guessing u aren;t either


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                      love the set up, ive looked all over ebay for that same lcd and havent hade any luck at all! if anyone can give me some help in finding one it would rock


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                        Thumbs up

                        Nice setup ..gotta love the best bang for the buck...


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                          ROFLMAO @ THE ANTI THEFT DEVICE! props on the idea - seriously.

                          $120 for the setup? you are the man!
                          Duct tape and a Bandana for the win, b!shes!!!

                          My Setup:

                          Cost so far: Less than a grand ;]

                          Economy/Commuter cars + Computers = many entertained miles


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                            $120! all i have to say is damn
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                            Total amount spent so far: $1196.64

                            You will probably spend AT LEAST 2x what you initially budget for your CarPC Project!

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                              very nice i like the setup...where is your hard drive and such located, u may have said but i just missed it...also what code did you use for the setup?
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