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Jetta TDI R Carpc W.I.P

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  • Jetta TDI R Carpc W.I.P

    Hi All, I haven't really started with my Install as yet but I thought I'd start my blog with what i have so far so here it goes...

    PC specs...actually its a laptop:
    350W inverter
    Compaq Celeron 500Mhz
    128mb Ram
    New 40GB hdd - (old one crashed)
    160Gb external pc hdd
    builtin cd / dvd combo drive
    PCMCIA usb 2.0 card
    usb cable for phone integration (wireless WWW etc)
    7"lcd screen
    4 port usb hub
    usb mouse
    usb k/board - still need

    Software :

    XP Home
    Firefox browser
    Media Engine F/E
    Modified startup screen done by my self
    VLC media player

    Sound system :
    Pioneer HU
    Stock front and rear splits - very good for stock
    Pioneer 1000W 12" DVC
    Ice power 3500W Monoblock amp

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    Here is a pic of my startup page :


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      Hi all just though i'd add an update quickly so here goes (pics to follow soon i promise)...
      so far I have all the parts sorted just finishing the software side to things I decided not to go with XP Pro for now first trying out the Linux approach, tried my luck with Linux ICE but found that its still to full of bugs even though i think its a really brilliant idea i think i'll just wait for the Bugs to be irond out of it so in the mean time just using the standard UBUNTU linux as an operating sys and roll the linux ice image over the the ubuntu, i'll let u guys know how it works out for me a buddy of mine should really get the credit for the soft ware side of things he is the linux fundi, so far the software side of things is about 50% done and is now actually coming along quite smoothly hope to have the hard ware side of things installed this w/e thats when i'l take pics of the process...wish me luck


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        Here's a photoshop of the GUI that i and my buddy intend building...Tell me what you guy's think any thoughts welcome


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          Thats hot !!! how did you modify your start screen i keep trying but the collors keep coming out dull


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            I Just downloaded a jpeg of the origional start screen then photo shoped it to the way i wanted it then used an App called TuneUP Utilities 2006 to replace the origional start up screen on my system with the one that I photoshoped the nice thing about this app is that it will convert it automatically from a 32bit jpeg to an 8bit bitmap and then load it into your system regedit, all this while still keeping the closest matching colours available, you will notice the difference but they are acceptable IMO,I did this all with a simple few clicks the hardest thing i had to do was the photoshoping

            I still need help with the front end that i designed though if any one can help me to load it for RR i would appreciate it


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              Completed at last...

              Hi all just thought I would up-date on my COMPLETED project
              sorry bout the quality of the pix though had to use my phone-cam, also there aren't really any progress pix because i didn't really have to build or modify anything except the "remote" switch for the power button on the Laptop but that isn't realy anything new nor is it fitted properly yet so without further ado ...

              here is a shot of my dash

              here is a close-up shot of my screen and Media engine front end

              a close-up shot of my HU... one of the wrinkles to iron out is to sort the aux plug as i can't have it plugged in and close the cubbyhole a bit of a PITA if i have a shotgun with me... but then again it still works, its all about priorities lol

              a shot of my mouse as you can see its smaller then my HU's remote

              this is a shot of my "system" going into Hibernation

              Alibaba's magic cave... now you see it...

              now you don't...

              Tell me what you guys think...


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                congrats on finishing your project!
                Jan Bennett
                FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

                Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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                  Thanks what do you think?