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02 Protege: Made the switch from inverter to DC-DC

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  • 02 Protege: Made the switch from inverter to DC-DC

    This is my first car and I have had a carpc in it for over a year now. It has been a long journey with lots learned. I was on a low budget when I first built the carpc system. The screen and inverter were the only things I bought. Everything else was salvaged for free from an electronics dump.

    Firstly, here are pics of the old system and screen. The inverter is the silver thing screwed to the top of my sub box:

    The wooden box screwed to the back of my sub box is what I like to call my "distribution box." It contains a self built tank circuit as well as the old diy shutdown controller. It is also where I connect all my wires in an attempt to make things a bit neater. Here is a closeup of the messy box after I ripped it off:

    I actually had no intentions to upgrade the system until winter came and my motherboard just keep having cold weather related issues. I spent a few weeks reading posts by people who claim their setups work in the cold and tried to compile a list of hardware that I was pretty certain would work. After much research, I bought on eBay the Mobile Computing Solutions mini-itx case with M2-ATX, and a EPIA M10000 motherboard. I already have a Seagate EE25 automotive grade drive, and that was transplanted from the old to new system.

    Here are pics of the old system ripped out and the new system put in. Its hard to tell from the pics, but I have so much more trunk space left:

    Here are pics of the dash. I am using a k301 motorized screen, although sometimes I wish I had just moulded a screen into my double DIN. Although you cant see it, I modded my k301 to bypass the cold temperature protection circuit (so that it will work in the cold) and I have also added some 3M brightness enhancement films (but the screen still sucks in the sun):

    I am running Centrafuse + iGuidance. I tried RR, but it just looks so ugly (to me) and my chinese song titles didnt work too well on RR. I like the Nexus skin and its stock look, but I cant wait until zipzip releases his beautiful Exfousion skin.

    Here is a pic of the gps (its inside the duck).

    And here is my valet switch just incase I dont want the carpc turning on with the IGN:

    Feel free to give me criticism on my setup and what I can do to improve it.