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1992 Maxima (just started, well ... just started progress)

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  • 1992 Maxima (just started, well ... just started progress)

    Project Name: MP3 Max
    Car: 1992 Nissan Maxima GXE
    Engine: V6 3.0L

    Basic Stereo Information: KOSS MS551 MP3 CD Player stock Bose (its pretty good, very loud, and has good bass)

    Carputer: Websurfer (Modded, about a 260mhz o/c)
    Case: "stock case"
    Power: 45 Watt ATX not dc :-( (hopefully will change before i put it in the car, this is just for testing)
    Storage: ~?? gig (debating between laptop or 3.5)

    Information Sources:


    Size comparison (Normal CD Case, Halflife :-)

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    Find a IDE controller that works. I am suffering right now, as ... the one that I have is, well ... ****ty. It just wont work. I have pretty much given up. I am willing to spend the $10 to just a working one off ebay. It would suit my needs better anyways since there is no way to take off the bracket so I can use PCI slot also.

    ****If anyone has a IDE controller laying around and is willing to give it up ... cheaply please drop me a email. I have a crapload to trade for, a few laptop hds, nics, sound cards, etc...


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      Hey, nice rig. That's what was originally going in my Civic. I used the recommended SIIG controller... sorry.. I don't have a spare. You a fan of the Linux-Hacker forums as well as I?

      Got any other hacked i-appliances? I've also got the webplayer, a GCT and an ePods /me proud ...

      PII 266, 512 MB RAM, 10 Gig, 36x CD-ROM, 16x DVD, DeLorme GPS, 5.6" LCD Screen, Dschmidt power controller, Keypower ATX DC-DC Supply, PowerAmp Macro controller, Dauphin mini-Kbd.
      Sony Head Unit, Sony Unilink input selector, rear deck Kenwood 6x9's, stock door spkrs... All in my '96 Civic, of course :}
      BC ROCKS!!!


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        Yea, I am a fan of linux-hacker :-) though it is has been slow these days. I got in on the webplayer, and websurfer hack, but missed out on the i-opener. That seemed to be the most popular... but alas I could not find one cheaply. I am going to try a promise controller, that someone is sending me. It is ISA, I will just take the bracket off and use a PCI network card. I have a USB card but want to conserve cpu cycles. I want to try using giant disc (linux, w/ palm as a control)


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          If you'd like to get in on the I-Opener hack, I have a pre-hacked I-Opener for sale (or trade)

          Look in the For Sale/Trade section on this board if you're interested.

          An Epod would be cool but they're not exactly cheap compared to the websurfer or the I-Opener.


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            How much are you lookin for? Also can you provide any pictures?


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              I'm trying to get enough money to get an Opus or ZootJeff Power supply, or a 5-7" tft monitor, which is what i was asking for in trade. I'll try and take some pictures tonight and post em.