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Working mans car - '01 Pontiac bonniville

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  • Working mans car - '01 Pontiac bonniville

    well I am starting to get the ball rolling I home most everything i ordered to put this together so i decided to do the fab work for the monitor as this will be the most time consuming.

    it looks decent and is ready for paint the monitor is an lilliput eby 701 what i ended up doing was molding it into the dash useing bondo and hot glue to hold it. due to the shape of the dash i bondoed over the control buttons to form fit it to the rest of the conture. i had put a pice of cardboard where the control buttons and ir window was and then drilled them out so a stylis would fit in the hole to control the button, yea a diffrentconcept to the moving of buttons i know. its now ready for paint which i will do on my days off, in the meantime that will give me time to tweek raodrunner which i will be useing for my front end.

    system is 1 ghz via epia-m
    1 gig memoy
    40 gig hd
    casetronics case
    startup and shut down controler
    as mentioned be for the eby 701
    slim dvd drive
    xm direct
    pci tv tuner + fm
    usb wireless g network adaptor
    Iguidance navigation
    and roadrunner as the front end
    i will post as it comes along

    any advice would be appricated thanks in advance

    well i got the tv tuner card today but system won't boot with it in. got most the bugs worked out now.
    the install is 90% complete for phase one. i will take some pic later tomarrow and post
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