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My Car UMPC - 2007 BMW 335i Coupe w/ PROcede v2

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  • My Car UMPC - 2007 BMW 335i Coupe w/ PROcede v2

    Just wanted to start a thread to show you guys my car PC implementation. It's an Asus R2Hv with a 7" LCD touch-screen, 1GHz Pentium M, 1.25GB RAM, 80GB SATA HD, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, fingerprint scanner, and webcam, running Windows Vista Home Premium. In the glovebox, there is a small USB hub which connects to the PROcede, an ipod, and a USB cable for my phone. It is mounted using the vehicle-specific and tablet mounts from (thanks RiXst3r!) My primary functions for the device are as follows:

    - Touch-screen Navigation/GPS using StreetDeck v1.1
    - PROcede v2 software control + guage display
    - Full media center capabilities (MP3, video, dvd, pics, ipod, etc..) using StreetDeck v1.1
    - EVDO internet access via bluetooth DUN or USB cable in glovebox (USB hub)

    future plans:

    - hidden cables + hardwire
    - ODBII software + StreetDeck integration
    - backup camera
    - Valentine 1 display

    Some pics:

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    It looks like a great little setup, but it could be so much more if it was integrated better. It kills the smooth lines of the interior on your 335.
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      The car from outside, WOW.

      The carputer... Same opinion as redls1bird has. Maybe some fabricating, and it would be nice..
      My worklog (fabricating the bezel right now)

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        Is that software your running for the procede supplied direct from vishnu tuning or 3rd party program that you skinned yourself?

        sweet setup man

        EDIT - forgot to mention that is a BEAST of a car!

        now all you need to do is step into the darkside


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          thanks guys... Obviously a fully integrated in-dash solution is much cleaner looking, however this car is a lease, and hacking up the dash isn't really a viable option. Also, I really like the fact that I can just take this with me as a laptop-replacement, and safely remove it from the car nightly. Also, when I dyno my car, I am able to stand ~20ft away with it and data log w/ the PROcede software.

          Ces///M3: the PROcede software came with the device from Vishnu. I just made the guages a little bigger. Stock boost is 8.8psi, I am running at ~15psi. 100+ WHP over stock Does RR work on Vista?


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            yes RR works with vista


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              Hi There....

              I just got my 2007 335i, I want to set up a computer in that like what you have set it up. The store is charging me a lot just to install it as I will get the computer on my own. Do you think you can give me some guidance on this so that i can start the install on my own? Please advise.