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  • '06 350z

    Finished with the 2006 350Z install. Enthusiest 6speed...
    Computer specs are in my profile. The cubby came from a 2006/2007 navigation. The PC it self is placed behind the driver's seat next to the audio amplifier. Subs are below the rear tower enclosed in Zenenclosures.

    here are a few pics, positive/negative comments would be appritiated.

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    Looks sweet...

    Where did you get that keyboard from????
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        om shanti om. Thats whats up.


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          I've also got a 06 Z and am looking into various options, maybe a CarPC

          Would it be possible for you to post a closeup of where the bottom of the screen meets the stock Nav buttons? If you don't have time it's cool.

          I'm trying to get some ideas on how people are putting their screens in.

          I was also thinking about using a double din headunit adapter that this guy used:

          Both options look pretty stock.


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            How is your sound wired? I see you still have the factory radio still installed. I have an 06 Z and I want to do this also.


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              thank you, fellow brownie. now i will have om shanti om stuck in my head. l0l0l

              o, and ur setup is dope!
              Duct tape and a Bandana for the win, b!shes!!!

              My Setup:

              Cost so far: Less than a grand ;]

              Economy/Commuter cars + Computers = many entertained miles