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01 Holden COmmodore Install - First Install

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  • 01 Holden COmmodore Install - First Install


    First install in my car after years of experimenting and procrastination.


    Via 1Ghz MB
    1 Gig Memory
    40Gb Laptop Drive
    Velleman USB Board
    M3-ATX P/S (Very Cool)
    USB GPS from Ebay
    Misc case from Ebay
    7" Screen (can just be seen in last photo)

    USB Board and Drive


    Installed into car (not the permanent setup still needs cleanup of cables)

    Will post more once all installed...

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    What model commo are you putting this in? I have a VY and am at a complete loss as to what screen to get, and how to mount it in the double din spot!
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      VX commodore and long story short it is basically glued in with silicone and Sikoflex.

      Ill try and get some pics loaded to show the screen and how I have mounted it. As for what screen I went for a 7 inch Ebay screen, not sure the brand but it works well.

      Have a look at teh fabrication forum, it has some really good ideas of how to mount things and how to finish them off for that professional look.

      Let me know if you get stuck and Ill see if I can help.




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        hi there man, i saw ur using XLR plugs, i saw ur distribution block for power... with the red cables, how thick are they? im having a problem.. im using a 10 AWG cable... and im seeing it kind of hard to solder it to the XLR plug pin.. thanks


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          XLR plugs are used from the carputer to the fuse block in the centre of the last picture. The other side of the fuse block goes to the power distribution block I have installed. I have run 2 Gauge power cable from the battery to the power distribution block, this just attached with a large grub screw. Depending what power supply you have for the computer you dont need large power cable. Even having a 180W powersupply this will only draw 15Amps @ 12V so the cable dosent need to be extremly large.

          Hope this helped, if not then a picture tells a thousand words and Ill upload more photos for clarification.




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            Thanks trigge, very helpful, im not asking this to make it myself in my car, because i understand that the gauge size dependes on the loads, in my car im using an 10 AWG from the batteries... its just a 125 watts PSU.. but i think i will be having trouble soldering this 10AWG to the XLR plug..., because i want to use those plugs so i can easly remove the power and get the PC removed... what size of cable is the one that is soldered to the pins of the XLR plug? thanks and sorry for asking that much


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              Asking questions is fine, we are all here to help. It might be easier to terminate the cable from the battery to a distribution block first and then to the XLR plug. You never know if you need to power more 'bits' in the boot. I am unsure of the size of the wire, it was what I had lying around and fitted the plug. I also like the plugs as they are easily removed and have a screw fitting so they dont come loose.