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  • Albysure's MP3 CarPuter

    Project name: Albysure's Carputer

    Car: 1984 Chrysler Laser
    Turbo 2.2L 5 speed
    49k original miles by me

    Carputer: AMD athlon XP 1250MHZ
    Power: Keypower dc/dc
    Storage: WD 80GIG
    Ram: 512MB
    Sound: Audigy
    Video: ATI all in wonder 64MB
    Display: Datalux 10.4" touchscreen, 15" lcd in rear, 2-5.6" lcd's in headrests, 2-7" LCD's in each front door
    Maxron FM/TV card

    Software: Windows XP Winamp 2.9 with Albumlist with album cover in mini browser and Rock Steady, Crash’s Relay Control Program (a lifesaver). Alpine skin for WinAmp

    Extras: Slot Load DVD, Jeff's Shutdown Controller, trackball mounted on center console, wireless keyboard with mouse, parallel port relay board, Rand McNally GPS, IR Assistant. Lan for easy uploading of music from my computer via my home network. Rear motorized screen lowers when hatch is opened and operates along with the headrest screens from a merc switch. Joystick jack mounted somewhere on the rear of the center console. After spending so much time making it I just can’t seem to cut into it! Delay circuit for amp remote and power antenna. Lots of relays!

    MP3 Count: 19GB + and counting.

    Car Stereo:
    No head unit
    2-Audio Control EQT's--31 band mono
    1-Audio Control 4XS - 3 way crossover – front output for mid bass, mids and tweets
    Alpine Dolby Surround Processor
    Alpine Amplification
    Subs: 3 - JL Audio 10W3’s
    Mid Bass: 4 – MB Quart 6.5”
    Front Stage: - Mb Quart Q Series 5-1/4”
    Rear Surround: MB Quart 5-1/4: Coax

    Power Distribution: Factory 90A alternator
    Battery Dual Isolator
    Main Fuse underhood: 150A mounted in waterproof case
    4ga to rear mounted under car in watertight conduit
    Stinger 200A Solenoid
    Rear main power fuse 150A mounted in battery chamber
    2 – 4 fuse blocks for amps, door solenoids and computer
    14 fuse block added for all the extra circuits
    Totally sealed chambers for computer and battery for ventilation

    Future Mods: Intercooler (have it just need to install it), even though I installed new struts, shocks and springs last summer I really want an air ride system so I can raise and lower the vehicle and definently 16” chrome wheels with new rubber. Higher output alternator. Yellow top battery for rear.

    Future wants: PC Anywhere to control computer from the warmth or coolness of my home. A big garage to work all winter (hopefully December)

    My Official Website:

    This forum was a blessing in disguise and I have spent many hours searching and reading post after post to get this project going. Thanks everybody!

    Info Sources: This one of course
    And basically knowledge I’ve sucked in over the years
    99.9% complete.

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    Oh... my... word...

    I have to clean myself up, change my clothes, throw away this chair, and mop urine off the floor... brb...


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      damn man, We can see that you have put in a lot of time and effort. Looks like you've got more stuff to mess with then an airplane cockpit! great set up and cant wait to see the finished product...especially those subs in back! woowee!


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        hey thanks you guys!

        i didnt think anybody looked
        99.9% complete.


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          Is the digital decoder your using made for automotive application or home component? If automotive, what's the model #?

          PS. I think you need a bigger car to put all that stuff in! lol
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            wont the pci cards pop out?
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              the processor is made by Sherwood

              Model X-DTS80
              indash type DTS and circle sound decoder

              from what i have read in the manual if you give it a digital signal it will decode dobly digital. so what i did was get a digital coax cable and connect it to the soundblaster live digital output. i also will use the analog output for regular stereo playback. the unit has a switchable input for 2 digital inputs and 1 analog. i have not yet tried this out--hope it works with both outputs on the card being used simultaneously.

              but-when i do try it and it doesn't work.. since all my rca's go to the dash and are easily accessable, i will have to get an alpine digital decoder. and that will probably be next spring.
              99.9% complete.



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                i hope not!
                what i've learned here is you use a little drop of hot glue at the end of the card. also i made a bracket to simulate the edge of the pc case that the cards screw too that i have named a "pci card bracket that you can screw to"
                99.9% complete.



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                  wow, sweet install. i hope i can manage something of that magnitude sometime.. just out of curiosity how much dynamate did you use?

                  on another note, check out tightVNC for remote access (i'm assuming thats what PC anywhere does). Its been around for a while apparently, but I just started using it. very cool tool, uses a small client to connect to the server computer or opens a http server so you can get access using any web browser. works buy sending jpegs back and forth i beleave.
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                    i used 2-39 sq' boxes of dynamat which covered the rear and a 50' roll of raammaat for the rest and i have about 15' left.
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                      how much weight does all the dynamat add?

                      When I get my floorpans replaced in the 510 I might do that.


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                        i'm not sure about the weight. maybe about 60lbs total? but i do know that it makes a big difference. it blocks out all road noise from the floor and doors so you get more clear sound from your system. also i've been at car competitions and i stood outside cars with this stuff and could barely hear the systems.
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                          Originally posted by albysure
                          i'm not sure about the weight. maybe about 60lbs total? but i do know that it makes a big difference. it blocks out all road noise from the floor and doors so you get more clear sound from your system. also i've been at car competitions and i stood outside cars with this stuff and could barely hear the systems.
                          as soon as I get my new floors welded in I might do that. But I'm afraid they may rust out in time


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                            The shop my friend works at, don't bother dynamating. If they're doing a big system that requires stripping the whole interior, they take the car next door and have it rinolined. They spray 1/4" of bed liner material into the interior. This way, nothing gets missed. It works pretty well.
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                              man i wish i could have done that. i see more and more people are using that method. what is the cost comparison?
                              99.9% complete.