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Car PC Install in my 2006 Magnum SRT-8 with Mobile Monitor Mount

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  • Car PC Install in my 2006 Magnum SRT-8 with Mobile Monitor Mount

    So I bought this CAR PC from a friend last March or so and was going to install it but yada yada sat in my garage for a long a$$ time.

    So I find it last week and think what the hell might as well install it.

    The hardest part was deciding where to mount the monitor since I have a Pioneer AVIC-Z1 Navigation Unit installed in my dash so all I want the Car PC for is Internet, DVDs, and Diablo Predator Datalogging (The mounting point shown below).

    Thats a lot of stuff huh:

    Chose under the Passenger side dash and this location is out of the way of the heater blowing and does not really compromise foot room:

    Voom PC with the IDE cable sticking out to connect the DVD/CD player to:

    Inside the glove box I have my 4 port USB hub with: AT&T Network Internet connection (Used it a lot already, very nice), Receiver for my Wireless Keyboard (It has a trackball on it and works really well), Diablo Predator Connection interface, and my connector for my memory cards:

    DVD player is mounted under the glove box for easy within reach in a temporary box I made out of thin aluminum:

    And for the monitor mounting I used a suction cup mount I bought for taking video while doesn't come off accidentally and allows me to have the monitor out when I want to use the PC:

    And it stores nicely here when not in use:

    Power is done thru the ON/OFF Toggle switch on the bottom right of my vent replacement panel (I ran the ACC and Power wire to this power source so I can completely turn everything on and off with one flick):

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    Once done it is not easily seen, most of this will be redone once I have more time but this was my 1st mock up to see how everything fits and to make sure I like it where it is.

    This setup really makes Data Logging just plug in the Diablo, log, then email the file and never even have to get out of the car