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    Well here it is folks! I spent the whole weekend rewiring stuff and finalizing the mounts for the laptop and cleaning up the wires. I gotta say that I'm very pleased. The only thing that remains is to get the screen molded into the dash, I'll have to do it when I go back to Atlanta, but it still looks pretty good for now and is way better in sunlight than the screen I had before. Here is a listing of the main features:

    -IBM Thinkpad R50 Mounted vertically behind back seat
    -Auto on/off with ignition with override kill switch, Laptop remains in standby when vehicle is off
    -CNX-P2140 Intelligent power regulator to monitor battery voltage and prevent run-downs
    -7" LinITX TMR Touchscreen
    -Auto switching Rearview Camera
    -Fully customized 5 channel audio with independent crossovers and EQs per channel
    -GPS navigation with iGuidance
    -Google Earth
    -Audio and Video Player with iPhone like scrolling and Album Art Viewer
    -FM Radio (HD Coming soon)
    -WiFi with full web browsing
    -Mini keyboard and mouse for extra input
    -Running RoadRunner software with LSX Void skin, many many thanks to guino and liquid smoke over at

    Here are a couple of videos (These will be replaced soon with a better one hopefully with someone ELSE taking it):

    And now for the pics:
    I upgraded my screen to a LinITX TMR which is wayyyyy more visible in direct sunlight. The last picture especially highlights how visible even dark images are in direct sunlight. Those pictures were all taken outside, with the windows down, in bright sunlight. The previous Xenarc would be completely washed out and invisible in the same setting. You can compare by scrolling down towards the last few pictures showing the old screen on a bright day, windows up.

    Laptop mounted on back of driver's side back seat, so it sits vertically when the seat is up.

    Amp mounted similarly on passenger side backseat.

    Another shot of laptop mount. The thing up top is a docking station I had to use to be able to tap into the power switch

    Left two boxes are the main fuse mounts, the box in the middle is the power supply that controls everything, and the three smaller tubers to the right are smaller fuses for each item (laptop, monitor, and 5V supply for USB)

    Shot from the back of the car

    Sub Hides everything

    Shot with the seats up, showing all the wires running underneath that came from the front of the car

    Driver's Side

    Passenger Side

    Seat bottom in back, hiding everything

    This is a closeup of what's behind the screen. Blue thing is a Wifi card, the rest are cables coming in for the monitor

    Monitor Seating

    GPS sits above the AC vents

    Closeup of GPS

    USB Devices in glove box. This is where the GPS, TS, and Wifi cards plug in. I also have a mini mouse and keyboard in case I need to do something specific.

    Switches that I mounted. Top one acts like a power switch for the laptop, in case I need to manually shut it down or reboot (normally it turns on and off with the car); red switch is to manually switch on the rearview just for kicks while driving (normally it auto switched when I go into reverse gear); bottom switch is a 3 way rocker: position 1 has the computer turn on and off with the car, position 2 has everything off completely (for valet), and position 3 allows me to leave the computer on while the car is off.

    ************************************************** *******
    Here are some older pictures from when I had a Xenarc Installed. The Xenarc fit better so I am thinking of taking the LinITX and putting it into a Xenarc Casing.

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    i've got to ask you how you got GE to come up so fast. I ran mine on a quad core pc and it was like pulling teeth waiting for it to come up
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      Hmmmm seem's to me the images on GE were cached, and there wasn't an active internet connection. Notice the quick pop right after GE is opened mine responds the same way when I don't an internet connection and the images are cached.
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        ahhh i c how do u get the imaged in to the cache?
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          I've heard of a caching program or two on the forum but never used them. I just been doing a fly to in GE when connected to my home wifi, the images are cached after fly to completes.
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            I really like this carputer. I love that screen. I'm trying to get the same one but the transflective one. I would like to know if that screen comes apart and if the buttons are on a separate board
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              yes and yes