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1999 Audi A6

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  • 1999 Audi A6

    Time to introduce me on this forum. First off all I would like to apologize for my not so perfect English .
    I'm from Belgium and drive a 1999 Audi A6 with most of the options, only a good entertainment center was missing, the solution.....a CarPC. So after several months off thinking, building, rethinking and rebuilding. It is finally there my first CarPC...

    Alpine CVA1014RB head unit
    Intel P4 Mobile 3,2 Ghz (Speedstep )
    1024MB DDR Ram
    2,5 inch 80GB HD
    ASUS EN7300LE
    M2-ATX Power Supply
    Holux GM210 GPS antenna

    And offcourse the Pics

    My Car

    Dashboard overview

    Head unit and touchpad (as you can see this is mount in the ashtray so I can hide this..)

    USB Hub and the Power button

    My CarPc's Case. It's mounted in de spare-tire compartment, to save room in the trunk

    And finally, I would thank all the forum members for the information I found on this site, keep up the good work...

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    Looks really nice!

    I have got an A6 as well. An Avant from 2003. I have the 1.9TDI (130 bhp)
    Unfortunately I have been very busy so I have not had the time to start on installing my PC.

    How well did everything go while removing the trim pieces for laying cable across your car?
    Because I find the inside of car very quiet and I would like to keep it that way.
    I would like to prevent breaking off any fixings or such which would cause the trim to vibrate.
    Any advice on that?

    Where are you from? I am from Belgium as well.
    Why is it drug addicts and computer afficionados are both called users?

    Currently : Audi A6 - no install

    Second install : VW Passat '97 CarPC
    First install : '87 Audi 80 CarPC


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      Hi, ah finally some people from Belgium. I though Belgium didn't knew what carpc was

      Very nice project.

      That white stuff in the trunk what is it? Is it fixed? hard? Doesn't it cause problems with heat?
      Because I was also thinking to save place in trunk (Seat Cordoba) and put it in spare tyre compartment.


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        Welcome! I drive a 2002 A6 Your touchpad is awesome! Is it easy to use while driving? I have replaced my stock speakers with MB Quart components and I just picked up an IDQ10 that I need to build a fiberglass box for behind the rear passenger wheelwell. Once this is all done I'll start collecting the parts to put a touchscreen in place of the stock radio.

        What engine is in your A6? Mine is a 3.0 V6 Quattro. I just passed 100K miles and I LOVE this car!

        proTONEd, check out these sites for some EXCELLENT walkthroughs and tutorials on our cars, as well as other related helpful items. Search for 'trim removal' and you should find some information:
        Stoney's links
        Vag Links
        Audi World


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          lol i thought the case was in snow at first, but niice
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            Hello! Nice install. I love the trackpad. Does that work as easy as a touchscreen? Is it hard to use while driving ? I have a 2002 A6 3.0 sedan quattro. I love this Audi!

            proTONEd, check out, stoneys links, and for some great audi information, including some walkthroughs about trim removal. Most of the trim comes off logically, just take your time.