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Audi A4 Avant 2008 Car PC

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  • Audi A4 Avant 2008 Car PC

    Hi all,

    I just thought i would share with you my ride and the mods made.

    Initially the system:
    In-dash K500 VGA USB Touchscreen
    2x 7" Clarion Headrest Monitors
    Car2PC - VW, Audi, Skoda [Double-DIN]
    Mboard: Commell LV-679D
    M2-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (160 Watt)
    2x DIMM SO-DDR-2 1024MB 533MHz
    CTFGPS-2 USB GPS Receiver (Sirf 3 chipset) with Destinator 7 + Cyprus Map
    2,5" HDD 250GB SATA + 160GB External USB HDD
    INTEL Core2Duo T7100 (MEROM, 800FSB) 1.8Ghz
    VoomPC [Black Edition]
    Adapter SATA-HDD 2.5" to SATA-MB and Power
    Bluetooth USB Adapter (Class 1, 100 meters)
    Scorpius P20 2.4Ghz Keyboard with Mouse Joystick
    ICT or Centrifuse XLE Software

    I started off with the M3-ATX power supply but unfortunately it didn't want to work. The power output was not stable and every second boot up it refused to power up the pc. That's why i went with M2-ATX.

    The original dash was modded. The ashtray was removed and we moved the A/C controls in the place of the ashtray, thus creating space for the in-dash monitor. Two internal plastic brackets had to be chopped in order to fit the monitor.

    We modded the headrests and removed a black plastic rear cover inside the foam in order to fit the headrest monitor brackets. We also had to chop the internal steel headrest bracket in order to prevent the headrest from moving up and down and it also gave us more space to install the headrest brackets and better viewing angle. All headrest monitor cables are passed thru the seats.

    All cabling runs thru to the back left hand side where the pc is installed.

    I am open to suggestions and questions.

    Installation is the works of Con Constantinou, Sound on Wheels Larnaca Cyprus.

    Top Man, you did an excellent job mate!!
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    Looks amazing. I'm thinking about getting an 2008 a4 sedan soon, but it will be a lease.
    I dont know much about Audis, how did you get the single din in that location. How did you wire it.

    Nice work.
    99 Accord coupe
    My Project Thread on


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      Wow nice headrest job.


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        The centre console is quite easy to dismantle and once you do it, you will find out that behind the A/C control panel there are two plastic brackets which basically hold the panel in position. The one which is nearest to the ashtray needed to be cut out so that more space (depth-wise) was made, in order to put the A/C panel in the place of the ashtray.

        The hard part is making sanding down the panel sides enough to fit the shape of the center console where the ashtray used to be and at the same time be in a slanted position so that the driver can look at it. After a lot of sanding down was made and the lower plastic bracket was neatly cut, we created enough space and depth to push in the A/C control panel and create the space needed for the single DIN in-dash monitor.

        After doing some test with the depth of the single din monitor, we discovered some of the cables of the factory stereo were getting in the way of a neat fit, so we just cut the zip ties that held them into position in order to allow us to reroute them and create the depth needed for the single din monitor to sit comfortably.

        Concerning the wiring, the vga cable was a bit stiff in the rear but after the rest of the cables were taken care of it was no problem fitting there. The VGA and usb cables were passed on the left hand side and the car2pc adapter was passed on the right hand side.


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          If you check the newb section, i have added more pictures there and you will also see the mods on the centre console which will help you understand hopefully how we made the space for the single din.


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            Here are some pictures of my ride:
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              beautiful Avant vassosk.


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                Thanks Mate