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Mrcgibb 2002 saab 9-5

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  • Mrcgibb 2002 saab 9-5

    I am about to fit a complete pc to my saab 9-5 including a touchscreen monitor ! , ok this may sound nuts , but not really i can keep 1000`s on songs on my harddrive , install a usb webcam in rear of car and have live video of rear parking ..... sat nav , dvd , tv , radio , etc etc connect a obd2 scanner and display reading live on screen ! this is going to be interesting , ok i am using a itx factor pc motherboard complete with intel celeron 1.33 ghz cpu and 1 gb ram , this is all of 6.5 inch square ! and i have bought a 8" wide screen touchscreen monitor , i have had to dismantale monitor to cut the screen surround bezel to fit the double din space that i removed the cd tape deck from here are pics ,

    removed stereo

    touchscreen 8" monitor

    removed screen to revel inside

    rear of touchscreen

    front of screen (this is after i have cut the excess of the screen to fit the double din , also i have removed the buttons as the screen will work with the remote / and the intelegent power supply that will boot up the pc and power it down using the ignition switch so if i go for fuel and switch car off the pc will remain switched on .!

    this shows how much of the screen surround i have removed , as the whole thing falls into the back of screen mount now ......

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    old stereo and new screen placed in for fit !


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      does anyone know if i can make use of the steering wheel controls with my car pc?


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        looks like a very clean install, you can make steering wheel control with your existing unit, theres a module on here somewhere, just search steering wheel control.


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          Nice install! We have a Saab 95 Estate, and I have always though it was ripe for a double din install! I think the module you are looking for is called car2pc or something allong thoose lines, hope this helps!


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            Originally posted by mrcgibb View Post

            does anyone know if i can make use of the steering wheel controls with my car pc?

            doing the same on my saab 9-5.
            How can you know in advance if it will work?