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2001 BMW M5 MP3 project

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  • 2001 BMW M5 MP3 project

    Project name: M5/Mp3
    Car: 2001 BMW M5
    Engine: 4.9L V8 - 400hp

    Basic Stereo Information: Stock DSP unit. NAV-TV upgrade. Next week I'm installed a Blitzsafe aux input adapter, Alpine 6-disc changer (factory one won't work anymore), Radioshack A/D converter.

    Carputer: Celeron-1Ghz
    Case: Mini Book PC
    Power: Laptop cigarette lighter adapter connected to DC input on book PC
    Storage: 30GB laptop drive
    Sound: SB Extigy USB sound card
    Network: Bluetooth adapter to connect to the internet through my Ericsson T68 phone and a USB Wireless 802.11b adapter.

    Information Sources:

    Pictures: (some of these were taken by the last owner. Not my fancy house!)

    Computer isn't hooked up yet. After I select Television on the main menu I select the AV channel and it uses the AUX connections. I'm running Cobra III (previously had it in my 99 convertible vette) and just need to change the background pic from a C5 to an M5.

    The silver box behind the changer is the TV tuner with aux connections for the computer.

    Diagram I created for how I plan to finish the stereo install.

    Rear of the car showing the Supersprint exhaust.

    Interior shot

    Side shot
    99 C5 vert - not stock - now with no PC :-(
    Click here to see a Video of my car

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    very very nice.
    Your convertable vette isn't a Z06 is it? Theres only like 5 of em, and they're DAMN sweet!

    What is it that you use to switch the input sources of your screen? What do i need to get that in my car?


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      Z06 has 405hp, mine had 550hp. Just pulled the motor, exhaust, brakes, seats, stereo, PC, LCD screen out of the car and sold them. Putting the car back to stock now and should have it sold in a week.

      A company called Carravaggio made the conversion kit to make the Z06 into a convertible. For my money it'd be easy to put Z06 heads and cam in the car. To each his own.

      I'm going to connect the input from the video on the PC to the rear-view camera input. Basically if I ground one of the pins in the harness it turns the camera input on. Got everything from
      99 C5 vert - not stock - now with no PC :-(
      Click here to see a Video of my car


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        Can you repost the pics or email me the post



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          Cool that you got a M5. Goodluck with it.

          I just got a STi and the CarPC will be in very soon.

          I was behind a M5 making him sweat two days ago.

          I remember I liked your garage floor mats.
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