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    Well, there´s a long time that i want to show my project so there´s:

    My car is a RENAULT SCENIC RXE 2.0 16 V - 134 HP
    I always loved this car because it space, confort, engine and design.

    There´s a pic of it:

    And from the fog...

    Thru those pic u can see that i made a lot of modifications on it:
    - Front BUMPER
    - Side SKIRTS
    - A lot crome parts
    - Shark antenna.

    Some of this modifications u just see at night

    - XENON lights (atually just in the fog lights H1 8000k, but soon as possible i´ll install H4 8000k on lights and H1 6000k in high lights)
    - Red Scanner like KITT (knight rider style!)
    - Blue lights on dashboard imported from france (

    So, let´s see the project:
    Above there´s a list with all stuff:
    The case is under the passager seat (SCENIC original)

    - Motherboard PC CHIPS A31G
    - Processador Athlon XP 2.8 Ghz
    - 1 Gb Ram DDR2
    - GPS USB
    - Screen on roof 10 pol (VGA)
    - Screen retractable 7 pol (dashboard)
    - Power Supply M2-atx
    - DVD/CD RW USB + Card Reader USB + usb 2.0 under dashboard

    - HD notebook 80 Gb
    - Software ICT terminal (free)
    - Windows XP
    - Voice command (kitt waves, i can talk with it!!)

    Other stuffs:

    - Rear View Backup Camera System

    - Rear back seat camera para banco de trás + Screen 4´(Child´s control)

    - Roof screen 10 pol (VGA) com DVD e wireless phones (For my kids watch those cartoons)

    - DVD PLAYER booster with screen 4 pol (Controls the sound on board)

    - Original RENAULT´s cooler (Installed in the place of the central back seat)

    - Amp BOSS 2500W 6 Channel(Under the central back seat)

    Well that´s all.
    I hope i could make myself clear for all
    Sorry about my english, but i try do the best!!
    See u all!!!

    PS: RENAULT two times world champion of F1 championship above FERRARI...My car sometimes wins Ferrari´s too
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    nobody says nothig here????


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      well I'll be the first one - very nice install, I love Renault. Too bad they don't import them here in Atl
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        I had Renault 11 in Germany that had digital gauges and could talk on german - if you, lets say forget to buckle up, or forget to close window while its raining - tons of sensors, tons of wires under bonnet = lots of trouble

        but I loved it !
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        [-------------] Software Status
        [-------------] Fabrication Status


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          Nice install, and quite inspiring. I have a Scenic RX4 and am just getting the bits together for my own install, though not as advanced s yours!!!
          Any chance of a pic of the shark fin aerial? Thiunking of doing this myself but wasn't sure hoe it would look / fit as I have had water leaking in from the factory aerial.
          What Amp do you have for the speakers and do you know what ratings the original speakers are?
          If there are two ways to take a statement, always opt for the one that doesn't cause offence.
          Generally it was the intended sentiment ;)


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            Opa, Legal ver os brazucas aqui no forum gringo hehee

            Cara, achei meio pesado demais o interior desse seu carro, 5 telas só na frente, que poderiam ser resumidas em UMA ou DUAS, vejamos, o espelho com câmera podeir aser trocado por uma camera de ré ligada á placa mãe, assim como a camera pra ver as crianças, já aquele NAPOLI no painel eh totalmente desencessário, ao meu ver já que vc possui o carputer.


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              O sistema de som é independente do computador.
              A tela das crianças é só usada quando elas estao lá e normalmente é usada junto com a touch screen do micro.
              Aquele nao é napoli é booster e ele tem TV, DVD e controla o som. Preferi passar tudo pra ele. Ele já tinha tela antes do projeto e preferi nao me desfazer. Eu nem uso a tela dele a nao ser qdo esta ligado na TV. Ela normalmente fica preta pois usa a entrada AUX amplificar o sinal de audio do micro.
              Realmente depois de pronto achei exagero os relogios, vou tirar-los qdo chegar meu obd bluetooth que já encomendei, portanto vai sumir os relogios e a tela q mostra o banco de
              tras será reposicionada. Ainda nao sei como vou fazer... mas está em estudo.
              valeu pela opiniao