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2001 Oldsmobile Bravada Install

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  • 2001 Oldsmobile Bravada Install

    Hey.. This is my first post. I just got done with my install last night and I figured I'd post some pictures up. Looking at other peoples' posts sure helped me out when I was looking for my hardware.

    Anyway, I'm using a 7" Xenarc 700TSV which I got from when it was on sale in their bargain bin. I think I eneded up paying $225.

    I picked up a Panavise mount off the web some place out there which I glued inside the dash just right so the head of the VESA mount would stick out through a pop-out Bravada logo which I removed so that I could put the monitor on it. My main goal here was to allow myself the option of detaching and hiding the monitor in the glove box or center console if I'm ever some place shadey (which is every day for work in downtown Cleveland).

    I'm using an HP Compaq E-PC (EVO D510) which I got for about $50. The PC has got the following specs:
    2.4 ghz P4 Proc
    1gb DDR
    (6) USB 2 ports.
    40GB HDD

    I've got a USB extension running from the Xenarc to the trunk along with a 3.5mm stereo extension cable, and an ultrathin VGA extension.

    The audio currently runs into my Alpine via an AI-Net to 3n1 Auxillary cable. I have an 80GB Zune that I love, and I want to maintain being able to use it in the car without having to unplug the PC so I'm looking around for an audio input switch I can mod / fab into the ashtray so I'll be able to have the Zune hooked up when I want, and the PC always hooked up, and go back and forth between the 2 if I desire.

    I still have to find one of those slick slimline DVD players which I just haven't gotten to yet. But it's coming next on the list.

    But for now, this is what I've got, and here's some images:
    Before the install:

    After the install:

    I hid the wires all under the molding:

    There's lots more to do but for now that's where I'm at.