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18 Wheeler laptop setup

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  • 18 Wheeler laptop setup

    I've been working on my laptop setup in my truck for awhile now. Basically, it's run with a laptop. I've added a 7" touchscreen, inkjet printer, gps navigation, internet, etc.

    The full details on my system can be found here:

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    very nice - good to see variety of project vehicles
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      Please post the images here

      Nice work there!!


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        Here's a link to the slideshow:

        Here's a link to the images:


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          I'm already planning my upgrade. Hopefully I'll be able to get it done sometime this year. I'm probably going to switch to a carpc as the computer. I'll also add a 20" or so monitor to the sleeper. I may also upgrade to a 10" monitor in the front. Well, that is if I can find a widescreen touchscreen for the front.

          Instead of running dual video cards, I want to just use a Y-cable for the VGA signal. Running a dual-monitor setup works good some of the time, but it's a pita.

          Here's the computer I'm looking at:

          I still have to fully plan out the power system for the 12v. I have to do a system that doesn't require any permanent installations or modifications to the truck. So, I'm hoping to come up with a plan that will run everything off of one single 12v connection to the truck batteries. I'd like to run it off the cigarette lighter, but with the computer and a small (400 watt) inverter, that's probably pushing it. When the new system is done, the only thing that should be running off the inverter would be the large monitor, printer, usb hub and speakers. I also need 120v for my bluetooth headset charger.


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            cool a little wire management needed but that is pretty sweet my dads a truck driver so i bought him a laptop and his laptop and him are inseparable!
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