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New rig up and running in my 1999 Tahoe

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  • New rig up and running in my 1999 Tahoe

    Well first, let me say hello all, and thanks for the great forum. I've gleaned a good bit of info from here and look forward to contributing.

    I found installs on pre-2000 Tahoes in short supply, so I figured I'd put mine up.

    -I built a custom console to house the PC, and removed the factory console
    -I used 3/4" MDF and 3/4" plywood to build the console, then laid a motherboard, hdd, dvd, etc. The original plan was to use fiberglass to make the covers and console storage box, but that proved to be more expensive and PITA than wood, so I tossed the fiberglass...
    -The display is 15". I had a spare display already on hand, then ended up trading my brother for a slightly smaller one. Still, driving around with a 15" display is a bit inconvenient and convenient at the same time. Using a mouse is very inconvenient while driving...
    -Mouse/keyboard are wireless, but I will be moving the KB to a compact wired one soon. The current and future kb's have multimedia buttons, which I use to flip through songs while driving (tactile, eyes stay on the road...Good thing it's not an iPhone, eh?)
    -I'm using Microsoft Streets and Trips with the GPS adapter, but am not real thrilled with it. I have trackmaker also, but I'm troubled that both packages require some user interaction to start GPS tracking. I'd like it to start with the computer, so I don't have to give it a second thought to track work mileage.
    -I just ordered an Elm327 to watch/log the OBD-II data while driving as well.
    -I want to get a dash cam and rear bumper cam with constantly cycling DVR software so I can review a crash, etc. The little USB piece of junk I was going to use can't see through the windshield... Any suggestions for video logging would be appreciated.

    I have it wired in to the factory sound system, using a Sound Blaster Audigy card, and some device that splices my audio into the factory CDs audio as an aux, and it sounds pretty darn good.

    The computer specs:
    -2.6ghz Intel
    -512Mb ram
    -160gb sata
    -Linksys 802.11 card
    -PC Card PCI adapter card (for my Verizon wireless card, but it's a little tough to get in there)
    -On board sound and SoundBlaster Audigy card (Sb feeds the stereo, onboard will be for DVD's to the kids' monitors in the back seats, or to move the crappy Text-to-speech for MS Streets and Trips to a smaller speaker)

    Right now, when I get to my house and park, the truck connects to my wireless network. It will do the same thing at my office once I set that up. I'll write a VBscript to make it sync files when it detects a connection, the only obstacle will be making it keep itself turned on while it syncs and the truck is off. I'm using the M2-ATX with the 30 second/2 hour shutdown, and I don't want to change that for days when I park away from home or work. Maybe external relays run from the parallel port, that only stay open when the script is running, otherwise leave it up to the ignition switch??

    Unrelated to the CarPC, I built a duplex outlet into the console, wired to a plug that will plug into an under-seat inverter, which will be normally OFF, to avoid adding 120v to all the other hazards that will be present in a crash. There's a switch panel that goes in that gap between the storage box and the computer box. It's out right now while I tweak the HHO generator and bring back status leds from under the hood.

    Well, here's the pics:
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    very nice looks cool!
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        Originally posted by Ratch View Post
        np you deserve it that was time consuming and it came out nice i was originally think of something similar in my cougar but found out that it would get to hot.
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          Very nice. I have been considering doin the same thing for my 2006 silverado (pulling the center "jump seat" and putting in a custom console using MDF. Nice to see I wasn't the only one thinking that


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            Looks good. Just curious why you put the disk drive on the passenger side though.
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              i was wondering the same!
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                Great job, one day I will get off my arse and start mine.......

                Do you have any pics from your console build. It is very similar to my drawings I have on bar knapkins...


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                  I like it. Very enticing for thieves though.
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