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2005 FX4 SuperCab - My first bezel!!!

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  • 2005 FX4 SuperCab - My first bezel!!!

    Wow, i have really had my fill of sand paper and primer.

    Used an epoxy bumper repair kit from Canadian tire (little white and black tubes, sands great, and $9.95), and rusto-lian primer + flat black from Home Depot (matches the interior ok, but a bit fragile so i added a lot of coats).

    I sanded with 200 grit (on a little orbital), then 400/600 (by hand), followed by a very fine steel wool scrub pad, get the smooth uniform feeling.

    I wanted to keep a radio as a backup as I move my mac mini between my two cars, so I gutted a a cheap double din kit for the parts to mount the radio, then used tape to mark off the lines and build the border, looks pretty flush.

    Thanks to grayvader for the stock picture of the bezel.

    His work and my inspiration is here;
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    Forgot to mention, took about 20-25 hours..


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      Originally posted by stavrosg View Post
      Forgot to mention, took about 20-25 hours..
      Well it looks like your time spent was worth it because it looks really good! Looks great in the dash, very nice install.
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        Very nice! What front end are you running? Is it CF or RR with a skin?
        Is it that it's fun? Or that it lets you forget yourself?


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          Got it up and running faster than RR. And you can configure anything in the car.

          But RR has nicer skins i find..


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            Looks pretty good from here
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              id say it looks mighty good! i like how its "flush" form teh side view where the viewing angle is the same as the rest of the dash
              MY build...a walk thru, finally getting to it


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                Thanks. I am very happy the way it turned out