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Honda Accord 1992 EX-R Homemade carpc, 0$!!!

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  • Honda Accord 1992 EX-R Homemade carpc, 0$!!!

    Hi, i'm 16 years old and i got the idea to fit my own thinkpad in my car. I took off the screen, i fitted it with 2 brakets. I unscrewed the motherboard and i put it in the glove box like u can see on the pictures.
    233 mhz
    200 mb ram
    5 gb hd + 16 gb usb drive
    13 inch screen
    backup camera (made with a old webcam!)
    Microsoft GPS
    TrendNet Usb Bluetooth adapter
    D-link usb wifi card
    Compact 4 usb port.

    The computer is a little bit limited, but its ok for me!

    Thanks and leave ideas to improove my system. i'd also like to have ideas for an anti theif system(i'm unscewing the screen for now!!!)


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    wow kid thats a beast of a system
    for the security just go get an alarm or make it where you can store that screen in the glove box then no one will take your shiz
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      Wow, thats pretty cool! Though it is a Great starter system to test things out and such, Down the road you are probably going to want to upgrade. But for a first car and carPC it certainly works.... and you sure can't beat the price!
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        Thank guys for ur comments. I'll look for an alarm system instead of storing the screen in the glove box cause it cant enter, the space was the major ennemi in my project...
        And yess, i know 233 mhz is a bit little but, i'm satisfacted cause it runs my wifi, bluetooth, gps and backup camera all at the time, so !!! Like u said, i'll probably upgrade one day!!!
        Thanks guys, Sam


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          Hey, could you also know what kind of usb wifi antena i could plugin my usb to have a better range because mine is only a d-link usb one, and it doesn't has a good range...
          TY, Sam


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            Everyone's gotta start somewhere.

            And $0 is a pretty good place to start!

            Just a few years ago, most guys weren't running more than a 500Mhz system.

            Just keep the cpu usage low (stay away from flash heavy skins) and you'll be fine running mp3's and a gps program.

            These guys running dual cores in thier cars are just a little bit of overkill...................not really least not in the car...........

            I'm running an old P4 (mianly because it was taking up space in the closet ) but before that I was using a PIII 500 Mhz and it did pretty much everything I wanted until I got into some of the more graphics intense skins. I still use it actually, but a an OBDII scantool for diagnostics and data logging. Just cause it's old, doesn't mena it's useless. As a matter of fact, the old PII compaq has outlasted three "newer/better" laptops since I've gotten it. Tough ol' bugger!


            Have fun first, work out the details later!


            PS. a good antenna can help with wifi reception, but the transmitter is the real limiting factor. It only puits out so much power............
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              Thank you greatwhite, and talking about OBD II, would the software work on a pentium 2. Ps, I can add ram, i have a lot at home, i could upgrade to 300 mb ram, would it be enough. And is it true that i need a specific OBD II system for every car???? ( i have a honda accord 1992) Ty, Sam.


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                Well, OBDII has standard PID's, and each manufacturer has some custom ones.

                I personally use PCMScan from , but you also require an interface (hardware).

                The good new is that you can get dashcommand from them for just over 20 bucks. When you check out, use the coupon code mp3car and you get around 3 bucks off the $24 price. It;s limited compared to thier other stuff, but still works nicely. Check the comparison chart on thier site to see hwat it does and doesn't do.

                There's also lots of free OBD software out there. You just have to google to find it. The only thing is, being freeware, most of it isn't as polished and fiinished as teh commercial programs available (like the one I use). I think obd-diag is one of the free ones.

                The bad news is that you need an ELM based interface. These usually cost around $100 bucks. I hav e seen some for cheaper on flea bay, but I have no idea if they will work properly or not. I've seen a few posts saying they do. Mkae sure you get an ELM 327 based model for maximum compatability.

                They should all run on a good ol' P2, except I seem to recall most wanting 300mhz to start. Check for harware requirements on the softwares specs before you spend cash if you intend to buy............
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                  Ok, thank you for your reply, i'll check this for sure, i'm really interesed in...
                  I also installed street and trips 2007 with gps locator tonight, i did a little research for a gps software and i finally installed the one i had allready on a dvd... Catch ya later... Sam


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                    Hey, i'm still investigating for a OBD II For my car... I read that only car form more than 1996 have a OBD II system, is it true??? If yes, can i connect something to diag my car???
                    I just want to see my car specs, i'd also like, if possible to control the engine by the program. I have a HONDA ACCORD EX-R 1992, and a pentium 2 carpc.... Thanks, Sam.


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                      yes OBD-II started in 96. Before that you need to see if someone makes a specific one for your brand of vehicle and year.
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                        Hey, so i dont have a OBD II in my car, so, is there an other way, that i plug my car in my pc to see my car's specs, and diag my car??? Sam


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                          Well, I'm not a "Honda guy", but according (sic) to this thread (lots of other info there too), 90-96 accords had obd but were pre-OBDII. Sometimes refered to as OBDI.

                          The thing about OBDI is that it's not really standardized like OBDII. Actually, I think that the OBDI moniker doesn't really exist but is just used to refer to pre-OBDII cars.

                          Ah, here's a bit of an explaination.

                          You'll need to find out if there's a program and harware interface that supports what you want.

                          Sorry, you're outside my realm of expertise there.

                          Good luck.
                          For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.
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                            1990 Honda crx Si: Still Carpc-less


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                              Thank you, i'll look for more info on OBD I...