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  • 1995 Porsche Cabrio CarPuter

    Hi all!

    I have been a lurker on these boards for a while now. I finally made time to finish my computer install. Below are some pics of the install. I'm still waiting on the right-angle adapter for the VGA because without it the computer sticks out too far as you can see from the pics.

    PPC Mac Mini 1.42GHz, 1Gb RAM, bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, cellular internet over bluetooth through my BlackBerry. Did I miss anything? =)

    Here's a couple pics of my car before the install.

    Here's it running....

    As you can see from this pic, the mini sticks out about 4.5cm because of the vga plug.

    Here's the front trunk where the amps are.


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      Sorry for not posting any updates. I have been busy with my other car project... a 1971 Porsche 914 that I am installing a Mazda 13B-RE rotary motor in.

      I picked up a Griffin FireWave for the souns system for now since the card I wanted is out of stock everywhere. It's not a great card, but for $20 with no tax and free shipping, i couldn't pass it up. I'll go into detail later about the issues I have with it.

      GPS is not working at the moment because i had to swap the ram with my main computer so the mini only has 512mb which is not enough to run roadnav.

      movies work great as does itunes for music.

      EVDO internet works great, but haven't done much else with the bluetooth since verizon nerfs their phones so much it doesn't work with most software (and running the altell software isn't much better)

      I plan on having a similar setup in the 914 when it's finished. I'm using a fully loaded MicroTech ECU to control the engine. With a carputer I will be able to change fuel maps on the fly in addition to all of the other creature comforts that we get out of these carputer setups.