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3000GT Install ... 3rd time's a charm!

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  • 3000GT Install ... 3rd time's a charm!

    Like everyone else, I was never satisfied with my installs.

    My first pc install can be seen here.

    Everything worked well but something was missing.

    With the 2nd iteration, I was 'challenged' to get a 10.4" monitor installed which required some trial and error. I got it to work and learned alot but it just didn't look stock.

    That thread can be seen here.

    From there I did a back seat delete. I am very happy with the install and it ended up being the basis of where my pc would be installed. That project can be seen here.

    Now finally, I can say I am very, very happy with the latest and LAST install.

    I decided to go with a lilliput 8" 16:9 monitor (widescreen). I chose this model for the outstanding resolution, touchscreen plus, I wanted to retain the buttons.

    I bought it on Ebay here.

    Ok, on to the process. First, fabricating the monitor. I tried cutting out the radio bezel to fit around the monitor but it became too thin and flimsy so I decided to cut out the vinyl from the sides of the console and then expand the monitor bezel sides using Dynatron. I did this so I could glue the front monitor bezel to the console to hold it in place.

    Cutting out the side vinyl and foam backing.

    Next, after removing the monitor bezel, I trimmed it slightly and roughed up the sides so the Dynatron would adhere to it.

    Prepping the sides with tin foil and applying the Dynatron mix

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    After it dried, popped it out, scrapped off the tin foil, rough sanded it, test fit and then put on a few layers of Automix to feather in the edges.

    I decided to work on a custom cup holder to replace the ashtray. I had an old ashtray that I bought from the "piece of junk" Ebay auction. Even the damn ashtray was so brittle it broke when I removed it. Oh well, it served it's purpose to show scale in the picture.

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -AE


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      I decided to try something new and instead of using tin foil, I wanted to see how Saran Wrap would work.

      BIG mistake! LOL! Hurried and wiped off the mess and did it right. Taped off the area and used Dynatron to fill in the side hole I made and to make the "square lip" of the outside ash tray area.

      Popped it out after it dried and gave it a test fit...perfect!

      "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -AE


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        Applied a couple layers of Automix to smooth things out.

        Now I took the Monitor bezel and painted it with textured rust-oleum paint. I also painted the cup holder with truck bed liner and secured a couple loose spots on the console vinyl with pipe goop which held really good.

        Everyone knows hot hot Liliputs can get and how it causes random shutdowns so I Dynatroned a 3.5" hard drive fans to the back.

        Put everything together and viola, everything worked great...the buttons, remote, etc.

        That's it for this weekend. I still need to fabricated some switches in the area where the cruise control switch was and will be fiberglassing a custom console area to my back seat replacement project that will house the amp and the computer.

        Everything looks fantastic but the pictures are too bright. I'll post some better "finished" pictures next weekend.

        Had too many projects going on around the house to work on the console so I took a break now and then to work on my backseat delete conversion and get it ready for the computer.

        First thing I did was 'glass in a couple channels in the middle so I could run lines directly from the front in a nice straight line. Here's a shot from the back where you can see I opened up the center with 2 "channels"

        From the front, you can see I mounted an Alpine amp in between the subs. By having the 2 channels in the middle, I was able to cut a hole under the amp where I ran the wires. It hides the wires nicely.

        Finished up the backseat area. Not only does it look nice, it is very functional. The amp stays very cool now and I have alot more room for the computer under the hatch area.

        I went out and bought this Logitech, noise canceling microphone.

        "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -AE


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          The boom was much too long so I carefully tried to split most of it like a banana but of course, the wire ran along the topside and I cut it with the dremmel.

          It took about an hour but I carefully widdled away until I got enough of the wire to solder it back together and mount the shorter boom.

          Surprisingly, the mic still works great. When I get done, it will sit just behind the steering wheel in front of the speedo cluster. It is barely noticeable there and works great. I still need to solder up the IR serial device and configure Girder.

          Took out the old console with the 10.4" lilliput

          Put in the new console and decided to hookup the PAC SWI so I could get back my steering wheel controls. The IR eye has to be mounted near the utility tray instead of the console clip where I wanted it because my headunit is in the AC vent and wouldn't communicate because of the angle.
          The PAC SWi was a piece of cake to hookup and 'train'. I think the entire process took 20 minutes. I have it sitting under the utility tray just in case I ever want to change the button sequence again. The steering wheel control will also control the pc when I get the serial interface functional.

          I also used a cat5 cable to hookup a reset switch and HDD light to the like a charm!

          Finally got the console in and it looks great! I am very pleased with the ascetics and oem look.

          That's it until this weekend. I still need to install more cd's/movies on the harddrive and hopefully get back on the voice interface to the RoadRunner app. Either way, the computer will be installed this weekend and I'll post more updates.

          Nice Fathers Day. Daughter took me out for breakfast early enough where I could get back home and finish the install.

          First thing I did was try to figure out the best way to mount the Seagate 500G drive. I had an old plastic cd tower that worked perfectly! It fit perfect and allowed me to mount the drive suspended with springs with nippled foam underneath in case it ever 'bottomed' out. It also allowed me to mount a fan that blew the air down 'the channel' which worked great at blowing air on the motherboard also. Couldn't of asked for a better, more efficient setup....

          "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -AE


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            Mounted the cd tower with the drive and fan next to the motherboard.

            All done! View from the drivers side

            and passenger side

            and of course, the car

            I threw a quick video together to show the software I using. It's RoadRunner with Digital FX 3.0. You can see it here.

            I am extremely happy with this setup. Everything looks and works great!
            "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -AE


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              That's gorgeous!

              Doesn't the screen get in the way of your shifting though? I know it's automatic, but still?

              In my car, the radio is still way higher than your screen and it's a pain in the butt when Im trying to change gears and someone is trying to change stations...
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                Originally posted by colin View Post
                That's gorgeous!

                Doesn't the screen get in the way of your shifting though? I know it's automatic, but still?

                In my car, the radio is still way higher than your screen and it's a pain in the butt when Im trying to change gears and someone is trying to change stations...
                Hey thanks for the comment.

                No, when the car is in drive, it's perfect. The shifter is out of the way, the viewing angles are great and no problem reaching the touchscreen. Having the screen recessed into the dash actually makes it usable in the daylight too! I am very happy with that (the previous version with the 10.4" monitor was tough during the day).

                In about another 2 weeks, I'll be using voice activation so the touchscreen will barely be used.
                "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -AE