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Renault Laguna 1999 - my first CarPC project

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  • Renault Laguna 1999 - my first CarPC project

    I greet all,

    Am new, then my first project is. I built him with the help of the forum I found many valuable information which here they made possible me completion of building my CarPC. I am from the Poland. My CarPC installed in car Renault Laguna 1999..
    I use FreeICE and navigation Automapa - Polish navigational programme with the covering 99% terrain of the Poland.

    What I ask for comments and hints I can improve in the project.

    I apologize for linguistic mistakes.

    This is the specification:

    - D201GLY2A 1,20 Ghz
    - 1 GB Ram Kingston 533 Mhz
    - HDD 40GB 2,5`
    - M2-ATX power supply
    - Lilliput 701GL 7` Touchscreen
    - USB 2.0 Hub
    - GPS Holux Gr-213U
    - TinyXP Platinum
    - FreeICE
    - Automapa 4.0 (navi)

    Audio section:

    - Clarion DXZ 768RMP
    - PowerBass L6C – front speakers
    - Audison Srx2 – front amp
    - Infinity Ref1250W – sub
    - WCC Orion 8001 – monoblock (sub amp)
    - Signat 1F – power Cap
    - Dietz, Nakamichi - cables

    Put the patern of connections:

    Rearview camera:

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    Just some food for thought here, I would not keep you computer in the trunk or around your subs, it probably will not live too long around all that vibration.
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