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Car PC installed, 1994 Acura NSX

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  • Car PC installed, 1994 Acura NSX

    I am running a standalone (Serial Interface) AEM ECU in my project car, and wanted to be able to interface with the ECU, in order to display various parameters of the car on a screen, in the cabin.

    I setup the computer in my garage, using a VIA C7 1.5GHz Mini-ITX board, but as soon as I put it in the car, I noticed interferance on the screen, and really bad popping on the audio. I rerouted cables, resoldered connections, was convinced my screen was bad, and as a final resort, I installed the mini ITX intel board from another one of my projects into the car - all problems disappeared with this new board. I suppose the lesson is, VIA is still crap, after 10 years

    So now, with my borrowed Intel D201GLY, 1GB Transcend DDR 2, 8GB Transcend SSD, and refreshed installation of a cut down WinXP Pro SP3, the main components seem to be working. The frontend is Centrafuse 1.47, I am using a USB BU-353 GPS antenna, and the Mp3car/XMdirect receiver for XM radio. I am having some difficulty connecting to my AEM (the entire reason for this installation), but I have some ideas I am going to try out.

    Here are pictures, the screen is a Dynamix 8.5" LCD, retrofitted into an OEM Honda Navigation Pod (for Japanese spec nsx's, where navigation was an option):

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    very nice, but tell me where did you get that disposable income.


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      Very nice