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2006 Dodge Magnum R/T

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  • 2006 Dodge Magnum R/T

    This is V1.0 of my attempt to install a carputer in my 2006 Dodge Magnum R/T.

    V1.0 - Get the darn thing installed and talking to the CAN Bus

    V1.1 - Get the steering wheel controls working.
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    Any pics of the build?
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      Originally posted by aerocell View Post
      Any pics of the build?
      No build pics yet as I have to remove it this weekend to get the steering wheel controls integrated. I will be doing a step by step LX in Dash PC install whitepaper once it's all complete and hopefully help people avoid the mistakes I made during the process


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        How did you get the CarPC talking to the CAN bus? I know the CAN bus is the Chrysler car "network" that enables all the devices to communicate with each other. How were you able to achieve such communication?


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          I had to purchase a PAC Audio C2R-CHY interface to talk to the CAN Bus. Then I bought a PAC Audio SWI-CAN and a SWI-X for the steering wheel controls. Still working out the kinks in the steering wheel controls but so far, the following work with CENTRAFUSE 1.47:

          - MP3 DVD Playback
          - DVD Movie Playback
          - Sirius Satellite Radio
          - CFiG UMPC (iGuidance Navigation integration with CentraFuse)
          - WiFi
          - EMAIL
          - Weather
          - Internet
          - OBD-II diagnostics display

          Still not working yet:
          - Hands Free Cell Phone
          - iPod (Centrafuse 2.0 should add this functionality).
          - Steering Wheel Controls.

          So all in all... pretty successful.


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            finishing trim

            Clean install. Very nice. I have a similar setup but having trouble finding a finishing trim piece for dash. Did you custom make your Dual Din kit and finishing trim piece? If not where did you purchase?


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              Wow thats great! Lol dang, I should look up in to doing that sometime.