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Mercedes Benz CLK 430 Carputer Install

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  • Mercedes Benz CLK 430 Carputer Install

    So I finally finished installing most of the things I intend to install onto my CLK 430.

    It took a lot of time and a lot of work but it was well worth it, and I'm glad I was able to finish phase 1 right before I start my 2nd year at med school.

    I would not have been able to do it without the help of all of you on the forum. Forums have changed the way we live and have allowed everyday enthusiasts to brainstorm, collect, and share information from across the globe. Big thanks to everyone.

    So here is a list of modifications:

    7" touchscreen lilliput EBY701
    Toshiba Laptop
    Bipes MP3 Adapter for Mercedes
    Creative MP3+ external sound card
    GPS via Delorme earthmate receiver and iGuidance 4.0 software
    Bluetooth phone connection via salling clicker software and Windows Mobile PPC phone
    Escort 9500i hardwired
    Escort ZR3 laser jammers
    Viper alarm with remote start (kind of)
    Projector Headlights w/ Halo (Black housing)
    Kicker 10" Subwoofer + 2 channel amplifier
    ...and probably more that I can't think about right now

    Thought you guys might want to take a look so heres some pictures:
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    Mercedes Benz CLK 430

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    more pics:

    Pics can also be found here: Pictures
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    Mercedes Benz CLK 430


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      Hi I first reply to your previous topic.
      It looks very nice. I see you have removed the pocket under the head unit and move the climate control from the top dashboard to the free place under the HU. So the LCD is placed at the pot. This is very good idea. I`v been thinking to remove the ashtray (I do not smoke) and use this space but it is very low and not comfortable to look at when using GPS. But where did you move the buttons that was located above the climate control unit?

      Also I want to keep my original HU. My one is Becker BE3100 Audio 10. How do you connect the carputer audio to the HU?



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        Hey babailiica. I moved the three buttons (hazard, door lock, etc) into the ashtray part.

        For the HU... the one you're talking about, the Becker, is that the same one that I have?

        The way i fed into the stock HU is by using a part called the Bipes MP3 Adapter. Its made by one of the users in the Mercedes-Benz forums. It connects directly to the stock mercedes harness that plugs into the stock HU and gives you a AUX Stereo 1/8" jack. The stock HU stills works as normal, but whenever it is off the AUX is active.

        Let me know if you have any more questions!
        Mercedes Benz CLK 430


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          No, Becker 3100 is a bit different. But I will search and researc about this Bipes MP3 Adapter.

          This is how it looks in my MB CLK:


          Sorry my one is different. The BOSSE uses external amplifier while Becker seems to have an amplifier inside the headunit.