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205 Nissan Murano / Intel Atom D945GCLF

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  • 205 Nissan Murano / Intel Atom D945GCLF

    Just getting up and running, in fact I'm typing this on my new set-up now. What I have going so far:

    Intel D945GCLF 1.6 Atom CPU
    Toshiba 2.5" SATA HDD
    Samsung Slim DVD-RW
    2GB Kingston 667 DDR2
    MasterCool Blue Ice Pro Chipset Cooler
    7" Touchscreen LCD w/ 3m upgrades AR & DBEF/BEF
    AZIO Bluetooth USB adapter
    EDIMAX USB LAN adapter
    Garmin USB GPS receiver for Mobile PC
    Custom riser card/cable to accomodate Radeon 7000 PCI video card for lower REZs
    Case is the APEX MW-100

    Total invested: $475 for LCD, Puter, and cables.

    Puter will go in the center console in the armrest pocket after I move the stock DVD system to the lower portion of the hole, and cut a hole out for it to face out to the rear seats.

    LCD will be on a sliding hinge under the Head Unit/Climate Control area, so it can be pulled out and locked in to be seen when in use, or unlocked and tucked under the "dash" when not in use. (pictures will help, bare with me)

    System will hook-up to stock Bose audio via PAC AAI NIS-II.

    I'll get some pictures up sometime this year, and do a tutorial on the D945GCLF when I get a chance because there is ALOT of stuff crammed in the APEX MW-100 case, OMFG!

    Till then, I'm going to be doing the RR frontend tweakage. Have no programming experience, so wish me luck!

    -Got hibernation resume with RR, teknik4 skin, winamp playing mp3 on usb drive, and Garmin Mobile pc to 37 seconds from ignition to hearing music and gps aquiring signal.

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    Hey looks like a nice setup.... Any pics yet? I'm thinking about buying this Apex MW-100 and wondering about the harddrive space
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      I would say there is no room for a full size HDD if you want room for the chipset to breathe. As it is, I had to drill a huge hole in my center colsole facing into the rear of the vehicle, install a 40mm case fan inside the console next to the case, just so I could get fresh air in there for it to breathe.

      I lost my gad dam battery charger for my Pentax Optio........ ****es me off cause I just took a long trip up North fishing, and had no camera to take pics of my fish....

      Thusly, I have not taken pictures of the CarPC yet. I had to revise where the LCD went, putting it on a swivel/pivot mount mounted between the front cupholders and the armrest of the center console. Works for touching my way through GMPC and my music/playlists, but it's a strain on the neck when you need to see what your doing. I also scrapped the video card w/ custom pci riser. Man what a hassle that was...... It just never worked right no matter what I tried. No matter, I think the onboard video engine was better than the PCI Radeon 7000 anyway.

      Eventually I'll be mounting a new transreflective to the area below my rearview mirror on a hanging mount with a tiltable (up/down) display so it doesn't impair my vision. But........ yea, gotta have the time and the money....

      Most of my time has been tweaking RR. I have Val's Teknik 2 in it now with the GMPC osk, and it's working GREAT! Love the look, and the fade-in/fade-out screen effects with this frontend/skin are really sweet. Steep learning curve with RR, but worth the invested time.


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        Yea i was using RR at first but then i downloaded the trial of centrafuse and fell in sweet love lol. I still have my RR developed with LSX VOID skin but just too much crap doesn't work with RR and i'd have to do some hard coding which i really wanted to avoid

        I'm in screen limbo right now. I don't have anywhere near enough money to buy my screen although it just dropped to $508 which isn't bad for transflective. I was going to fabricate a double din housing and then asked myself wtf am i going to try and shove everything in my dash. If i get robbed it will just make it easier for them to steal it and i'd have to completely fabricate a new housing to replace it. Now i'm thinking of using that case but i'm concerned with the space. I have a 2.5" harddrive and CF-Sata adapter that i want to mount. Just hoping there is enough room.
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          as soon as I get my camera battery charged, I'll post you some images of what it looks like fully loaded and let you be the judge. I do think you'd be able to fit (2) 2.5" laptop HDD in there though..... so your CF drive and adapter would probably be ok. It would just take for you to attach some standoffs to the inside of the case on the side where the vent areas are. That was where I had my pci video card mounted. Worked sweet untill I shorted the pins on the custom riser adapter.... lol


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            Cool i can't wait to see pics.
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              any pics yet?? my wife as a murano that im thinking about installing a carputer.


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                Unfortunately no......

                Thought for a second I would run out and get a few before responding, but then I remembered the wife has the Murano out shopping with my son and her Mother for Xmas presents......

                The best news is I did find my battery charger, and I can charge my battery now, I just have to remember to bring it in form my car one of these days.

                I gave up on moving the touchscreen, I kind of like sharing the console mount with the passenger, it lets them be the navigator, and gmpc is just a great toy and useful tool.

                I do need to mount my case in my console still, and my stock dvd player is still in the console with my puter, so I've been procrastinating. Once I got the whole rig up and running, I just was happy with what I got.

                I'll still get some pictures up, need to clean the car out first though.....


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                  Pics of pc build.

                  Have been using ?teknik2? skin on RR for awhile now, and it works great.

                  I have some more tweeks to do, and I would still like to get my PCI radeon card working for dual display.

                  PC boots fast (18 sec) Nlite'd XP hack, and disabled almost everything. Replaced stock chipset hsf for a coolermaster iceblue. Gave me extra room, and cooler temps. Took off stock fan from hsf, and mounted it on the side near the front of the case where I made room for my M2-ATX to fit. Pulled system from car to do updates and tweeks only to find out my M2 took a dump on me...

                  dsatx here I come.....

                  Anyway, the lcd mount sux, it was just temp mounted on my center console between my cupholders and the armrest. The swivel/pivot mount broke, so I have to figure something else out.

                  PC fits in my center console along with a spare lcd, and a Nissan installed dvd player for the lcd that tucks into my armrest facing the rear seats.

                  I will take more pics of my car and set-up once this power supply deal and updates are taken care of.

                  As you can see from the pics I am also working on a htpc for my home. Its got the Veris display/remote, a Sony Blu-Ray drive, 4 Seagate terabyte drives in Raid 10, running on a Phenom 9600 series processor, ABIT board, 4 gb OCZ low lat mem, NVIDIA 8600 series video, HD ATC/NTSC/Qam tv tuner card, SB X-Fi Sound, and Antec 800 watt p.s. - It's all quiet as a mouse too, love it. Win media center edition sux my a$$ though.

                  Anyone have a better idea for an OS for htpc app?


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                    Anyone have a better idea for an OS for htpc app?
                    How about this?
                    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
                    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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                      I have the same case but i couldn't get a mini itx mb in there and the power supply. How did you do it?
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                        The M2-ATX fits right in the front after you remove the Ac-dc power supply that comes with the case. (junk anyway)

                        I silicone glued a plastic protector to the back of the pcb to keep it from shorting on anything. I also used some sticky 2-sided rubber matting on the ends/sides to keep it from vibrating to death in there.

                        You will also notice that I had to cut and splice all the wires so there was room/empty space for items and airflow.



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                          Interesting.... I tried to drill holes in that same area to mount it to the case and was unsuccessful. Should've thought of gluing it.
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                            It actually doesn't mount, it is just tucked in there, and with the wires, sticky mat, and cd/dvd drive on top, it doesn't move.

                            I'm really having trouble with ride runner.

                            I should have just left the old RR in there, but the new GMPC and skin mods I have seen lately made me update.

                            Plus I can't work on this at home, everything is done at work on my breaks, so there isn't too much time to get things figured out.


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                              I would suggest centrafuse. I personally love it to do death and its 50% off now. I love how when there is an update you can update for free. When 3.0 comes out i can upgrade for free. Its great.
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