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My 2004 Inifiniti G35 Coupe Install.

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  • My 2004 Inifiniti G35 Coupe Install.

    I dont have many pics of my install, I wanted the interior to be as stealth as possible. Sounds amazing and everyone is impressed when they see SD in action.

    The Ride:
    2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe

    The Audio/Video:
    -Eclipse Head unit
    -8" Touchscreen
    -15" LCD
    -Carpc w/Streetdeck
    -JL Audio ZR-650-CSi mids/highs
    -JL Audio 300/2
    -JL Audio 2x10W6v2 in 4080's.
    -JL Audio 1000/1

    The Interior.
    8" Touchscreen & headunit

    Eclipse Head unit, Cant even tell you how long it took to get that mounted in there lol

    Mids/Highs, Upper Glove box holds CarPC shutoff switch, 120gb External HD, 7 Port USB Hub.

    Fiberglass False floor where my CarPC is located

    The Trunk
    15" LCD, Subs, Amps, Caps, 2nd Battery. All leather & suede

    20" Asanti MS-147's Color matched Rims.
    Clear Corners
    Keyhole Covers (installed after pic was taken)

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    Looks really clean. And that head unit is tied into the computer?
    My opinion is my own.


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      My original idea was no head unit but after thinking about if my pc goes nuts or something breaks down I wanted a head unit as a backup for radio/cd. It controls my stereo's volume and is also tied into my steering wheel controls. So I can raise/lower/mute volume while the carpc is going, comes in handy.

      I got a lot of stuff I was to lazy to add like my backup camera (all the cables are ran already), my sat2usb, my mic. I also need to figure out an easy "push to talk" button for the mic setup as well.


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        Very nice install mate!!

        I'm buying a new car in a few days and have decided to add a standard headunit in addition to the Car PC mainly for AM/FM Radio (never got my USB radio working right) but also for those occasions where I have Car PC troubles (although in 6mths I haven't).


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          Tough crowd


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            So is the monitor in the trunk so "Jimmy No Nose" can be entertained during that "one way ride"?
            My opinion is my own.


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                Nice car dude!

                Love your screen position too, much better than the OEM pop-up screen.
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                  Looks really good! Very nice and clean. What type of touchscreen is that?

                  Originally posted by danielkh View Post
                  So is the monitor in the trunk so "Jimmy No Nose" can be entertained during that "one way ride"?


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                    Thanks for the replies guys.

                    zedzedtop the touchscreen is a 7" lilliput


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                      I don't suppose you have a picture of the mounting brackets you used to attach the 7" screen. If you provide some detail as to how its done using that Double Din kit, that would be greatly appreciated as well.



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                        very nice install. Everything looks cleanly done. I like.
                        current system: car2pc adapter playing aux in for a sansa fuze media player. simple. cheap. effective.


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                          How did you do the screen, what screen and so on? Fiance has a 2007 G35 that I would love to do a carPC in. I have had one in a couple vehicles, the Titan I used a stock navi bezel.

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                            I had to dig up receipts to get this all insured and realized i made a mistake, the screen is actually an 8" widescreen lilliput that can be found here

                            It's all hacked up because the after market jdm double din kit was meant for a 6.5/7" screen. Unfortunanely i do not have any pictures of the mounting brackets and so on, I actually didnt even see the screen get installed because i was at work when it was finished up. I do know they had to cut up the double din kit a lot as well as the screen to get it to fit flush. I wanted 8" because when you go 7" there is a small 1/4" black border on the left/right sides and it doesnt look like a factory install. It was a pain in the *** I know because my friend made sure to let me know a dozen times lol.

                            So brent that should have your question answered hopefully, the dash is a jdm ddkit which used to sell for like $350-500 and wasnt easy to find, i know another company from china made a knockoff but I cant speak on the fitment of it, all i know is no one knows it's an aftermarket screen in there with the jdm kit it looks perfect. The kit also comes with the A/C controls because if you notice you loose some options (like drive/pass climate control buttons and so on) but i never used those anyways.


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                              Thanks for the information. Great job, it looks awesome.