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2001 Ford Focus ZX3

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  • 2001 Ford Focus ZX3

    well i didnt follow the format so here is my repost

    Project Name: Focus MP3
    Car: 2001 Ford Focus ZX3
    Engine: 2.0L Zetec

    Basic Stereo Information: Pioneer DEHP740MP Premiere MP3 Player. JBL BP1200.1 Subwoofer Amp. Rockford 400.4 bridged. Infinity Kappa 572.3c. Blueprint 1503 in a 3.5cu ft tuned for 25hz. using pioneer cdrb-10 for aux in controls.

    Carputer: AMD XP1600+ on a shuttle ak32 mobo. 256megs pc133sdr. deluo GPS receiver. micro innovations slimline keypad. ati radeon 64meg ddr vid card. belkin powered usb hub.

    Case: Hacked up old case, mounted into a custom carpeted box.

    Power: 300w rms inverter ---> 250w enermax comp ps

    Storage: IBM deskstar 40gig HD
    Sound: creative soundblaster autigy 1

    Information Sources:


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    heres more pics.

    this pic is a pic of the control box for my screen, it has 4 antenna inputs for TV and also extra aux in/out for the screen.

    for more information/pics of my car click here .


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      havent been here in a while soooo----bump


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        I really like your car. I checked out your other page, nice sub setup. Also like the exhaust. Everything looks real clean.


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          Nice TV/Tuner choice.. i have that same one

          It's nice 2 since it allows for 2 sets of inputs.. Audio sucks if you try piping it through that tuner box though.. It looks like you also decided to connect the audio w/o connecting it to that box..

          Nice setup!
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            Where'd your tail lights go?
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              Originally posted by Asian Gang Lord
              Where'd your tail lights go?
              Here they are I think he has black outs or something.
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                is it true that you cant pump your own gas in NJ?
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                  Mito got it right, its VHT nightshade spray on the taillights, unfortunally he went a little too dark and it's even hard to see lit up during the day And if there's a self service gas station in jersey, I sure haven't seen it! I went to MA once and didn't realize I had to pump my own at first
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                    Hey zx3chris,
                    can you post picks of your car with the brake lights on, im thinking about getting a can of this night shade stuff. Want to see how well your lights shine through. Thanks
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                      Good to see another [FJ] member on here.
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                        how did you get the song text on the playlist really big like that?
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                          In Winamp 2.XX you can change the size of the font in the playlist in the preferences.
                          Haven't seen a way to do this with Winamp 3.
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                          - Via EPIA 800MHz
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                          or Here (


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                            Hiya, just bought a focus and trying to install the screen. How did you fit the mount on yours next tot eh steering wheel?
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                              Originally posted by binary.h4x
                              is it true that you cant pump your own gas in NJ?
                              Nope, NJ stations have a union, you are not allowed to pump.