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2006 Jetta TDI finalized 1.0

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  • 2006 Jetta TDI finalized 1.0

    So here is my finished project. It has built in mac mini with touch screen, gps, xm radio, backup camera, dash-cam, obd 2, external equalizer, amplifier, and subwoofers among other things. Let me know if you like it.


    Touch screen


    USB ports and equalizer

    Multi directional microphone ( I use it for skype mostly)

    Subs and amplifier(not visible because it is attached to the back of the subs case.

    Some exterior pictures

    These are some cheap ebay headlights. When i bought them I was very disappointed with them, however, I really liked the way they looked. So I basically replaced everything on them. Now they have following parts in them: lexus ballasts d4s, phillips d4s bulbs 4300k temperature, 2007 bmw 7 series projectors, upgraded LED's underneath the projectors so now it looks like an audi a6 or a8 lights(the ones that have led strip), led turn signals.

    So here is what they look like now.

    This is what I've always wanted in a car and I am very happy with it now. The only other thing that is missing is new rims and I kind of ran out of money so it will have to wait.

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    very clean install, nice retrofit.
    what kind of dashcam is that? any link?
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      It's CMOS based camera from ebay.

      here is the link:

      It records as soon as the computer starts and stops when computer goes into hibernation.

      Here are some videos that I made with it:


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        That dash cam is very impressive. And for only ~$21. It's almost too good to be true.


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          Originally posted by matt11601 View Post
          That dash cam is very impressive. And for only ~$21. It's almost too good to be true.
          I know, I have tried quiet a few cameras including Philips SPC900NC but this seems to be the best.


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            Sweet... just picked up that camera myself. Thanks for the eBay link.
            2005 Velocity Red RX-8 GT


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              I'm not familiar with your dash cam program "Capture!"

              How does the problem handle the video? Does it have a max number of MB before it start a
              new video? Does it have a time limit before it records over previous videos?

              How do you handle the camera in the back? Is it another webcam in the back or just a reverse camera?


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                Program is almost great. If you have .net 1.0 installed it won't work for some reason. But for centrafuse skype plugin I need to have .net 1.0 so that is the only drawback. There are multiple options for handling video and recording process. For example, I set mine to record maximum of 300mb per file and to keep only 7 recent recordings. I also set it up so it starts recording once computer comes out of hibernation. Further more it has all the options you mentioned earlier as to time limit and deleting old videos. Another nice thing is it has built in video compressors, though they take some processing power my mac mini single 1.5 core handles it just fine. Camera in the back is reverse camera only and it automatically switches input on the monitor once it's on. That camera was somewhat cheap so video quality is not that great but I plan to replace it with ccd based camera. Another thing that I will be doing is adding another webcam to record what's happening in the back. I will use the same webcam and basically same program but with ability to capture two webcams at the same time it's called Dual Capture!.


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                  I don't think I said this yet, but very nice install. Everything looks OEM and there are no wires to be seen.

                  You've made me a believer in that camera. I watched your YouTube video of the trip in Downtown Orlando and can't believe the quality you get from a $21 USB cam. I'm going to add it to my shopping list when I do my next install because no USB cam can beat that price/quality.

                  That program sounds perfect too and I'm assuming it's freeware.

                  I'm wondering, why have two cameras in the back? Why not have another USB cam in the back to serve as both reverse cam and general cam for the backend?


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                    Yes, the program is free. Two cameras in the back makes everything simpler. It would be just too complicated to make web cam double as a backup cam. One of the main reason is you would have to wait for computer to come out of hibernation thus making it not very convenient.


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                      Ahhh I see. And that's a good point about waiting. I look forward to seeing that.


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                        How do you get a the display to automatically switch to the back up cam


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                          Really clean install. Maybe you can post some pictures of the Mac mini. You have a good eye for detail. Great work!


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                            details of where we can get that capture program?


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                              I'm looking into using that webcam as a backup cam (remote start + webcam = comp up when I get to car ^_^).

                              How's night time/dark visibility on it - say... in a dimly lit parking garage? Your nighttime cruise videos were pretty clear, but then again, it looks like you got some badA$$ HIDs too =p
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