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  • Dodge RaMP3

    Project Name: Dodge RaMP3
    Car: 2001 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 4x4
    Engine: 5.9L Magnum V8

    Pioneer DEH-P85 GM/Chrysler Perfect Fit Head Unit
    RB10 Aux In Adapter
    MTX Thunderform Powered Sub Enclosure (Under rear seat)
    Stock Door Speakers (for now)

    Carputer: Epia 800/Casetronics 2677 Case
    Power: Direct to Truck
    All Onboard Sound
    Keypad Control
    Win98 Lite
    Winamp 2.81

    I have yet to take pics of the install (just got it in yesterday). I am also working on some sort of display. I have a VGA LCD in need of a backlight and somewhere to mount it

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    Re: Dodge RaMP3

    thats one sweet looking truck.... here in Australia you would stand out like a sore thumb with a ride like that.... but I guess they are a little more common in the states.....

    look forward to seeing the pics, considering its a pretty tight cabin space in there...
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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      It still sticks out here, especially from the rear (I have a few vinyl die cut stickers that are sand dune related)

      I mounted the carputer under my drivers seat, with the amplifiers under the center seat. It is currently bypassed as the head unit preamp output is wonky, and I haven't had time (or funds) to have it repaired. I would prefer replacement though, as the DIN and a half opening makes it tough to just get a in dash display, and I still want a head unit (the Pioneer in there now is an incredible match to the dash, even the lighting is damn close). I have been looking at Pioneers AVH-6400 (indash AM/FM/CD/Monitor), just have to convince the Missus that its better to rpelace rather than repair in this case.

      The computer disappears under the seat, since the case is black, and my interior is black I mounted it a little too far back (awfully hard to hit the power switch), I will be adjusting that here soon.


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        I was working on a double din case for my computer, but I've gone back to the under the seat with the 2677 case

        I was thinking of putting a steal cable with a lock under my seat for a bit of added security.

        I just got my Opus power supply so now I've got the automatic on/off with the car. I'll be wiring it up this weekend... after about 2 months with it out of my car I can't wait!!
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          I made a few upgrades recently.

          I went ahead and replaced the P85 with another Pioneer Perfect-Fit head unit (the P77).

          I also upgraded my amps to MTX (Crutchfield was blowing them out at half price) 4 Channel units. I have two of these (one under each seat), one running all of the left channel speakers, and one running all of the right channel speakers. I installed Q-Forms kick panels with a Kenwood 4" component set. I also picked up a refurbished Kenwood crossover at the local Outlet store.

          With all of the stereo upgrades, I needed a new location for my carputer, so I wound up putting it inside the bottom of the center front jump seat. (See attached picture) After cutting out two support rods the 2677 case fit perfectly. I bought the RF power remote control, and velcro'd it to the dash.

          I also have my DSCustoms screen installed between the visors. The angle makes it a little tough to read during the day, but I didn't have many other options
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