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Fanless 1GHz Pico ITX Car PC with Xenarc x7000

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  • Fanless 1GHz Pico ITX Car PC with Xenarc x7000

    Here is a video of my finished car pc, and a short demo of it running centrafuse.

    Pico ITX carputer

    The power supply is a M3 ATX, but to get it fitting in the case, I needed to de-solder the ATX leads and forward the ITX wires from the ATX to ITX adapter that came with the chipset.

    Having did that, the space needed to get all the parts in there was tight. You could not fit a standard 2.5" hdd. I had a Compact Flash to Sata as my primary harddrive, which was much smaller.

    The current drivers for the pico itx do not allow it to do 800x480 (head unit native rez) so hopefully that get fixed soon. Also for some reason the Bios will not remember certain display settings like using DVI... it was saved but when power it cut it reverts back to default settings... but not all bios settings were lost, just ones related to the output.
    Video of my Fanless Pico ITX Carputer 5.75"(W) x 2.0"(H) x 4.25" (D)

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    Nice, good to see another small setup.
    I had space issues with 2.5" hdd too, although I chose a disk-on-module as my drive.
    Old Systems retired due to new car
    New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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      Very nice. Do you have pics of your install?


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        Pico ITX Xenarc

        Good morning,

        Very good project and very good presentation, I currently manufactures the same system but I myself developed the software because I am a developer .Net .
        Could you please send me the pattern of wiring between the PC and the TDM-X7000. My car is a Skoda Fabia Combi
        Thank you and have a good day


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          how is the pico itx system working out for you?
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