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The Fitst 08 Aveo Carputer Install

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  • The Fitst 08 Aveo Carputer Install

    here it is, have questions? ask away!

    The Parts List:
    - Aopen MP915-B
    -120 Gig HD
    -1 Gig ram
    -1.73 MHz CPU
    - BU-353 GPS
    - Audigy 2 NX
    - Carnetix p1900 w/ +5v POL
    - Lilliput EBY-701
    -2 USB 4 port hubs

    The Software:
    -nlite'd xp (248 MB CD image)
    -RR front end
    -PDANet on ATT 3G network

    The Audio
    -jensen 840w 4 channel amp
    -stock speakers

    more pictures will come later.

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    Very nice you do know that the Aveo is AKA the Daewoo Lanos


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      yes. i did not know that untill i looked the car over at the dealer when i was ready to get it. its a gm forgery IMO. a daewoo with gm badging. the sticker said its 98% korean, 5% american. i still cant find that extra 3%. unless it is badges and logos n such. gets good mpg. thats about it. good for road trips and commuting. just needs A/C.....


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        I loved my Daewoo Lanos it was a fast car I also got alot of info at heres a pic of my daewoo


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          thanks for the link. the only place i have found for info on this car is