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97 Toyota Tacoma You gotta See This. NEW UPDATE with 100+ pics on 7-4-03

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  • 97 Toyota Tacoma You gotta See This. NEW UPDATE with 100+ pics on 7-4-03

    I can't get to work. so sorry for dumping everything here.
    Well my project is almost done except a few minor panels here and there. So I feel comfortable enough to post it. Here it is. Enjoy. Any questions feel free to PM me or reply post.

    Project Name: Damn that's a lot of crap you got there
    Car: 1997 Toyota Tacoma LX ExtraCab 2WD Auto
    Engine: V6 207? CI EFI 3.4L DOHC 24V

    I wanted my setup to do more than just MP3. I feel that if you're going to put a PC in a car, get the most out of. Dont limit yourself to just audio, video, and navigation.

    Basic Stereo Information: SONY CDX-C780 HU, SONY XT-40V TV tuner, Accel 6.4 LCD Module In Custom Built Driver Visor (waiting to be built), JL 300/4 Amp For Mids & Highs, JL500/1 Class D Amp For Bass, Boston Acoustics ProSeries 5.5 In Doors, 5.4 In Q-Form Kick Panels, Boston FX6 In Rear Quarter Panel, JL 12W6V2 D4 12 Sub, Monster Cable wires, MC 1 Farad Cap, 100 Amp CB,

    Hardware: FV24 MB With Intel Pentium III 933Mhz 256MB RAM.
    Case: ABS And Lexan Custom Built Case With 2 low profile 2.5 Fan (PSU, HD) And 2 Clear High Power 3 Fan (CPU, Motherboard). 7.25X8X4
    Power: 150W DC-DC ATX With Built In Shut Down Controller And Remote Power Up via alarm remote.
    Storage: Maxtor 160GB, 1.44MB Floppy Drive, Ricoh RW9200A 20X10X40X12X CDRW/DVD Drive, USB/Firewire 80GB External HD. (enclosure cannot handle 7200RPM drive so im looking for a hi cap 5400RPM drive)
    Sound: Hard Wired Audio Out andMic From Internal Audio Header On FV24 MoBo.
    Video: Onboard video with Xenarc WVGA Touchscreen Molded Into The Dash.

    Other Fun Stuff: Clifford AdvantGard4 W/CliffNet Wizard Ver2.0 beta, Allows the Computer To Totally Control, Monitor, And Program The Alarm, Window Control Module, Remote Start
    Linksys Wireless Ethernet For File Transfer, remote desktop control from the house And Internet.
    OBD-II Scanner for Displaying Engine Status.
    Garmin GPS16 WAAS receiver. Very Accurate and fast locking GPS Receiver for use with Street Atlas 2003 Plus and Streets & Trips (1 sec hack)
    CoPilot2003 GPS For Actual Step By Step Navigation.
    IRMan For Winamp Control.
    Port Relocation Kit Mounted In Center Console For Easy Access To USB, Firewire, Audio In, Out, Mic, P&P Keyboard Port.
    Keyspan USB to 4 port serial hub.
    Port replicator adds 3 more USB ports, 1 serial, plug and play PS/2 mouse and keyboard.
    Serial relay control module to roll windows up/down, lock/unlock doors, open driver door, open pass door. (I need software for it please help. For more info check out R810 )
    A4 Rechargeable Wireless RF Mouse, ACK240 Full Size Wireless IR Keyboard.

    System Map

    This is what the setup can doo

    -Win XP pro corp Ed (prim boot)
    -Win ME (sec boot for Cliffnet 1.4 This was deleted when Cliffnet 2.0 supports XP)
    -Powerstrip 3.28 trial
    -WinAMP 2.81 starts playing as soon as WinXP boots
    -AO plug in for custom size and buttons
    -Album List plug in for album list and cover art display
    -IR plug in for IRman remote control
    -Windows Media Player 6.4 for all videos and subtitles (DivX, XviD, asf, wma, wmv, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4.
    -Power DVD XP (DVD movies, DVD ripped to HD, mpeg1 mpeg2)
    -EZ CD extractor (MP3 ripper)
    -DVD Decryptor (ripping DVD movies to HD for later playback)
    -Nero Burner 5.5.9
    -Copilot 2003
    -Street Atlas 2003 Plus (runs with Copilot at the same time)
    -MS Streets & trips 2003 (1 sec GPS update hack, runs with Copilot at the same time)
    -Cliffnet Wizard 2.0 beta Clifford AvantGuard4 alarm control software
    -OBD-II scanner for digital dash RPM, vehicle speed, intake air temp, eng temp, throttle position and engine load
    -WinLSD frequency generator 10hz - 20khz, sub box design software.
    -Select Phone Pro 2002 west coast - phone number search CA, WA, OR, NV
    -Dial up networking for Nokia 8390 through IrDA port - Internet access
    -Handset Manager - Nokia 8390 cellphone manager - address book, ring tone, background programming
    -VNC remote desk top control from the comfort of my room.

    Windows boots to music in 45 seconds. That's pretty damn fast considering all the crap I'm running in a fragmented HDD with out any software tweaks.

    Will try Media Engine 2 when its available
    I started my project by building a clear case. My first case looked like crap so I tossed it. I learned from my first case that I dont need to use thick lexan for my installation and also an ALL clear case wouldn't look good either cuz when you look through the top of the case at an angle, you can see all the fiberglass crap on the inside. So I decided to use Black ABS plastics to cover the sides and thin Lexan for the top. I also want the case to have good ventilation so I squeezed as many fans as I possibly could. It gets 110 here in the summer. I ended up with a case that houses the FV24 motherboard, Opus Dc-DC PSU, Maxtor 160GB hDD and 4 fans that measures about 7.25X8X4. The case setup has external quick disconnect IDE cable, ATX plug, audio plug for CD drive, and all onboard USB headers and audio headers.
    Case 01
    Case 02
    Case 03
    Case 04
    Case 05
    Case 06
    Case 07
    Case 08
    Cutting the perfect circle on a plexiglass can be hard. I draw a perfect circle then I cut it with a jigsaw. I made a round sand paper and attached it to a drill. I use the drill to sand the circle to the pen mark. once sanded, the circle is perfectly round with no rough edges.
    cut circle 01
    cut circle 02
    cut circle 03
    cut circle 04
    cut circle 05
    cut circle 06
    cut circle 07
    cut circle 08
    cut circle 09
    This is the finished case.
    finished case 01
    finished case 02
    finished case 03
    finished case 04
    finished case 05
    finished case 06
    finished case 07
    finished case 08
    finished case 09
    After I got the case built it's time to start the alarm install. I need to get the alarm mounted and wires ran so the Cliffnet cable is ready. The alarm is a Clifford AvantGard4. It comes with a remote start, headlight control, window roll up and 3 AUX out. The onboard window roll up was replaced with SmartWindows4 for total Window up/down control.
    alarm 01
    alarm 02
    alarm 03
    alarm 04
    alarm 05
    alarm 06
    Once I got the alarm prewired, I need to take the dash apart so I can hide the brain. I relocated the AC control and forgot to take pics.
    builddash 01
    builddash 02
    builddash 03
    builddash 04
    builddash 05
    builddash 06
    builddash 07
    I want to mount the CD drive somewhere on the dash. I dont smoke so screw the ashtray. The CD drive is about 8" deep. The ashtray is only 7" deep. Behind the ashtray was the AC system. I had to build the CD drive bezel out an inch.
    cddrive 01
    cddrive 02
    cddrive 03
    cddrive 04
    Scroll down to 4th post for part 2.
    NEW complete and updated My project with 100+ pics on 7-4-03
    If you have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard in perfect working condition for sale, please PM me.

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    Excellant job on the dash!!! kicks looks good too

    well gotta go shovel the 16" of snow that fell so i can go buy more crap for my car
    99.9% complete.


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      Looks very nice...
      why did you not use a slot load?


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        97 Toyota Tacoma You gotta See This. NEW UPDATE!! 100+ pics part 2

        I couldnt find a fast slot load DVD and CDRW drive at the time. I I don't use the drive as much. The times I did use it, I never had any problems.

        The dash is starting to take shape. I mounted the Linksys USB WiFi, Garmin GPS16 and Copilot GPS receivers under the dash cap above the AC duct and behind the Xenarc screen. The LCD screen is still in its original case for warranty purposes.
        cddrive 05
        cddrive 06
        I wanted a console to hold the PC, all the wires and cables and have it still look decent. I started with a shape of what the console should look like and fit.
        console build 01
        console build 02
        console build 03
        console build 04
        console build 05
        console build 06
        console build 07
        console build 08
        console build 09
        After I got the model console done, I decided to add a 3.5" drive bay to the left side of the console for future upgrades. As of now I just put a floppy drive in there.
        console build 10
        console build 11
        console build 12
        console build 13
        console build 14
        console build 15
        console build 16
        console build 17
        console build 18
        Since a lot of the neat toys I want are in serial and my motherboard only has 1 serial port, I did a search on the net for a way to add more serial ports. I came up with a Kekspan USA49W USB to 4 serial hub. The hub has a power LED and 4 LEDs to show the status of each port. I want to be able to see the LEDs but the original case looked ugly and big. I had to build a case for it.
        serial case 01
        serial case 02
        serial case 03
        serial case 04
        serial case 05
        serial case 06
        serial case 07
        serial case 08
        serial case 09
        After the serial case was built I decided to mount the case on the side of the PC console so that I could see the LEDs
        serial mounted 01
        serial mounted 02
        serial mounted 03
        serial mounted 04
        This is the finished console texture coated and color matched
        finished console 01
        finished console 02
        finished console 03
        Once I got the everything made, it's time for the install.
        squeezing in 01
        squeezing in 02
        squeezing in 03
        squeezing in 04
        squeezing in 05
        The PC is in the console
        squeezing in 06
        squeezing in 07
        This is the finished console
        console done 01
        console done 02
        console done 03
        This is the center console amp rack for the JL 500/1, 300/4. The amp rack houses the amps, two 4" intake fans, two 3" outlet fans, 1 farad cap, 1 4awg in 4 fused 8awg out dist block, 1 4awg in 4 8awg out ground dist block, cup holders for 2 extra large cups up to 64oz, mouse holder, cell phone holder, and USB IrDA port. I cant believe I managed to squeeze all these crap in the center console.
        amp rack console 01
        amp rack console 02
        amp rack console 03
        These are the ALL DONE pics
        DONE 01
        DONE 02
        DONE 03
        DONE 04
        DONE 05
        DONE 06
        DONE 07
        DONE 08
        DONE 09
        DONE 10
        DONE 11
        DONE 12
        DONE 13
        DONE 14
        DONE 15
        DONE 16
        DONE 17
        DONE 18
        DONE 19
        DONE 20
        DONE 21
        DONE 22
        DONE 23
        DONE 24
        DONE 25
        DONE 26
        DONE 27
        DONE 28
        Here are some close ups and screen caps
        closeup 01
        closeup 02
        closeup 03
        closeup 04
        closeup 05
        closeup 06
        closeup 07
        closeup 08
        closeup 09
        I hope you've enjoyed my setup. I'd be happy to see some positive comments and to answer questions you may have
        NEW complete and updated My project with 100+ pics on 7-4-03
        If you have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard in perfect working condition for sale, please PM me.


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          Dude, you rule...



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            Nice setup. I'm getting very close to mine being done as well. Good luck with the rest of the install.
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              awsome!!! I can't wait till spring so I can do some major construction in my car

              This is truly an amazing job!
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                That's a 10+ install, how long have you been working on this? when did you start?.
                Personally I think it looks better with white face plate so please don't ask me to color match the CD drive.
                I won't ask then but i'm pretty sure when you take that truck to show's or just when your showin it off i think that will be your #1 question.

                Again....nice install!
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                  Originally posted by Loftus
                  That's a 10+ install, how long have you been working on this? when did you start?.
                  I started in early August about the same time I became a member here. I've been reading this board a few months prior. I've been working on it about 1-3 hours a day 3-4 days a week. Thats the only time I can have the shop to myself at the place I work at after they closed. There's not a whole lot you can do in 1 hour. You can lay a coat of resin and wait 20 -30 minutes for it to cure then another coat and you're pretty much done for the day.

                  Originally posted by Loftus
                  I won't ask then but i'm pretty sure when you take that truck to show's or just when your showin it off i think that will be your #1 question.
                  So far all the people who I've shown it to don't appreciate the work that I've put into it. All they say was "that's cool, it's got a touch screen." some people even pointed at the CD drive and asked what's that. No offense but people who live around here are stupid.

                  Originally posted by Loftus
                  Again....nice install!
                  Thank you very much.
                  NEW complete and updated My project with 100+ pics on 7-4-03
                  If you have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard in perfect working condition for sale, please PM me.


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                    Very nice, That gives me a level of install to shoot for...
                    D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

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                      got any pics of the rest of the system?
                      99.9% complete.



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                        Hey cpro, what part of SoCal are you in? I may have a few questions about some upgrades I am contemplating for my truck.


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                          sweet job! i cant wait till spring to start mine.

                          people who dont understand the whole thing with building computers wouldnt understand what it took to make it. I guess people who are used to doing interiors for cars might understand a bit more, but not nessisarily. nicely done!
                          Project AutoBoxen: Coming along, almost ready to hook up in the car.
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                            NEW complete and updated My project with 100+ pics on 7-4-03
                            If you have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard in perfect working condition for sale, please PM me.


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                              Originally posted by albysure
                              got any pics of the rest of the system?
                              Not yet. I still need to take pictures of the center console and the back wall of the cab. I do have some more pictures on building the case, and console. Those were the things I built when I first started this project. Then I got tired of taking pics so I stop taking pictures of the rest of the system. I will post more pics when I orginize the pics.
                              NEW complete and updated My project with 100+ pics on 7-4-03
                              If you have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard in perfect working condition for sale, please PM me.